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November 23, 2005

Stop That Loitering!

by Eric

With a hat tip to View From The Porch, we have this lovely photo from Rochester, NY.

Dangerous Loitering

Just to be clear, this man was stopped and arrested because he was “loitering”. He had not actually committed a crime at the point that the police began arresting him. The full story is here.

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  • tkc

    When did it become necessary for the police to look and act like paramilitary groups? Just curious.

  • Kevin


    The police became paramilitary organizations because of the War on (some) Drugs. The Feds passed out all sorts of military surplus equipment (everything from BDUs to M-16s to even M113 APCs) so the cops to fight the Drug War.

  • Tam

    He probably didn’t see them coming because of their clever camouflage.

  • Eric


    Of course, since it turns out that he had a “crime gun”, nobody is going to get upset by this. What we will hear, if anything, is that if he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he wouldn’t have anything to worry about. This is, of course, the same line that the Soviet Communists used and the German Nazi’s. But that’s okay, we’re a liberal society, not one of them danged commie or nazi countries.

  • Kevin


    The police have become militarized because of the War on (some) Drugs. The Feds passed out all sorts of military surplus crap in the name of fighting (some) drugs.

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