You Gotta Love the <span style="font-style:italic;">far</span> Left

Paul Craig Roberts, writing for counterpunch, touches all the bases in grand polemical style. There are the requisite ad hominem attacks against Bush, Cheney, Israel and America’s other “puppets” in the Middle East.

Nothing new there, but I was struck by an interesting bit of hypocrisy. Compare this:

Fox “News,” which in fact is the most thorough-going dispenser of war propaganda since the Nazi Third Reich…

…with this:

The US breeds terrorism by its 60-year old policy of interfering in the internal affairs of Muslim lands and ruling them through surrogates. The US assaults Muslim sensitivities with the export of “American culture,” a euphemism for sexual promiscuity. The US creates enormous animosity by appearing to exploit Muslim oil wealth and by turning a blind eye while Israel expropriates the West Bank.

If the counterpunch article isn’t a prime example of propaganda,

the word is meaningless.

  • John Newman

    Kinda reminds me of the propaganda spread by the Bush folks to get the country behind an unnecessary, illegal, and immoral war against Iraq.

  • Mike

    …completely forgetting that the “immoral” war in Iraq was waged to set things straight after f**king with the Middle East for 60 years.

    Let’s see, going through his laundry list, the first complaint is that we have a policy of “ruling them through surrogates.” Well, if we supposedly have our surrogates ruling in Iraq, we’re doing a damn poor job of keeping them under control, since it seems every day there appears another article about the Iranian-Shiite alliance (almost completely false, with the exception of Sadr, by the way). In any case, the new Iraqi government is not our surrogates…one only has to look at how the candidates closely tied to the U.S. (Allawi and Chalabi) did in the recent elections.

    Next, we have the accusation that “The US assaults Muslim sensitivities with the export of “American culture,” a euphemism for sexual promiscuity.” The U.S. doesn’t force our culture on anyone. This is a typical leftist argument that poor/oppressed native people “want” it that way. It’s the same sentiment as when leftists get upset that a native people have been “westernized” so that they are no longer dying because their drinking water is now pure. How DARE we interfere to improve their quality of life and/or give them other options than wearing a burka their entire life!

    And finally, we have the standard oil/Israel argument. Pretty simple to debunk…how much oil has the U.S. stolen from Iraq? As for Israel, their interim PM just came out the other day and said they had to withdraw even more from the territories, coming on the heels of a complete withdrawal from Gaza.

    (Again, sorry for the length…just can’t seem to control myself tonight…am putting off doing research for a solar plane I’m designing.)