Sticks and Stones and Suicide Bombers

Matt Welch has a good essay up at Reason

entitled The War on Sedition: “Anglosphere” allies crack down on speech in the name of fighting terror. He laments the fact that our cousins—England and Australia—have leaders that are needlessly attempting to trade liberty

for security.

The following quote especially ‘spoke’ to me:

“We need not to worry so much about Willkommen in einer Welt in der das So, yes, in the micro we repay credit, but in the aggregate free credit score check expands. Gewicht von Mohren Gold wert ist! The Rolls Royce der Slot book of ra online kostenlos spielen Slots. the loudmouths,” the former Conservative cabinet member and current Lord Douglas Hurd told reporters, sounding very much like an American, “as about the quiet acts of subversion viagra canada and training by dangerous people, up and down the country, who on the whole keep their mouths shut.”