Sarah Brady thinks Cheney is scary?

WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 /U.S. Newswire/ — James and Sarah Brady made comments today related to Vice President Cheney’s reportedly accidental shooting yesterday in Texas.

“Now I understand why Dick Cheney keeps asking me to go hunting with him,” said Jim Brady. “I had a friend once who accidentally shot pellets into his dog – and I thought he was an idiot.”

“I’ve thought Cheney was scary for a long time,” Sarah Brady said. “Now I know I was right to be nervous.”

Wow. The Brady’s think VP Dick Cheney is “scary”. Forgive me if I wait to hear a statement from Harry Whittington himself.

But meantime, let’s take a look at the lady in question:

Sarah Brady, of course is the wife of former White House Press Secretary, Jim Brady who was shot by John Hinckley Jr. in the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan March 30, 1981.

While it’s easy enough to understand the frustration, hurt, and anger one would feel at having a spouse shot in the head, logically it seems to me it would be better to direct those feelings towards the individual who was behind the gun, rather than at the gun itself. Logic not being the Brady’s strong suit, however, they pressed for and achieved passage of the so-called “Brady Bill” which required a 5 day waiting period before a purchased gun could be taken home.

Incidentally, in March 2002, Mrs. Brady bought a gun for her son (outside her home state, and without waiting 5 days). An archived copy of the article from the NY Daily News can be found on the All Safe Defense Systems website here.

There are a number of cases easily found on the web where the lack of a handgun caused a person or persons to die, one of the most famous being the case of Bonnie Elmasri, and there are also a number of cases where access to a handgun saved the life or lives of a number of persons. Many of these are highlighted in an article by Erich Pratt Let’s Not Forget about the “Brady Victims”.

But I have another question not often heard and impossible to quantify – How many lives are indirectly saved by the use of a gun against a thug? In other words, everytime a murderer, robber, rapist, etc. is stopped cold by a gun, there is a possibility – dare I say, even a probability – that other lives have been saved.

Do accidents happen with guns? Yes. Do accidents happen with knives in the kitchen? Yes. Do accidents happen on the job at saw mills, in auto service garages, in skydiving accidents, etc. Yes. Is the answer to remove all knives, close saw mills, get rid of automobiles (oh, hey that’d save gas – but I think bicycle and horse riding accidents would probably increase) . . . okay, you get the picture. An accident, is an accident. And accidents don’t happen in a vacuum – there are usually extenuating circumstances. Let’s not castigate or call names ’til all the facts are in.

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  • John Newman

    While Sarah Brady may be a nut I think we might want to ask dead-eye Dick why this wasn’t reported for 24 hours and what in the hell was he doing firing a gun when he was blinded by the sun. It doesn’t sound like an accident, but carelessness.

  • Terrence Lauerman


    Vice President Cheney, a strong supporter of the constitutional right to bear any arms of mass (or minor) destruction, seems to have gotten himself into some firearms difficulty in a hunting jaunt in Texas. Having mistakenly filled one of his 78-year old cronies with errant buckshot while hunting wild game, the Vice Presiedent apparently is in need of a refresher course in gun safety and aiming proficiency. As a card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association, no doubt he can and should apply for such remedial training.

    Given his obvious enthusiasm for fire arms and war, maybe the Vice President should join the the Texas or Nevada National Guard and sign up for a stint in Iraq. Just think what an asset he would be for national defense and security! Needed augmentation in his skills with firearms could take place while he is on his next photo op visit to Baghdad. He really might be spectacular with an M16 or a machine gun which are so popular with well-armed citizen militias these days.

    Given the high profile of “prophetic” cartoons in the news recently, no doubt the Cheney Texas shooting episode will have quite a run in the media. Just think, the Republican policy of no poor child left behind could now be extended into a geriatric version of no millionaire geezer left behind.

  • Bret


    What does how long it took him to report it have to do with anything? The guy lived.If there’s anything questionable about what happened why not just ask the victim? Nothing to see here people, keep moving.

  • John Newman

    Besides Cheney’s ‘reckless endangerment’, hunting without a license, and the fact that the Vice-President of the United States SHOT a man, no I guess it doesn’t matter – to Cheney apologists.

  • Kay

    Bret –

    That’s precisely right, and exactly what I was getting at. If the victim and his family aren’t making a mountain out of this tempest in a teapot (I kinda like mixed metaphors) then we need to let it go. Cheney is no spring chicken himself and his reaction time isn’t that of a 20 year old, but anyone with half a brain knows that this was not intentional and he most assuredly feels badly about it.

  • Eric

    What is Texas state law/regulation regarding hunting on private property? You may not have to get a license for certain types of game.

    As far as I can determine from the reports I’ve read, the guy who got shot was at fault.

    Naturally, I only get considered to not be a Cheney apologist if I take him to task, regardless of items 1 and 2 above.

  • Kay

    Yes, Eric, we can’t ever support anyone that the left hates – whether they’re right or wrong, because the oh-so-tolerant left never considers anyone they disagree with to be in the right.

  • Bret

    On the whole license thing, reports indicate that Cheney had the proper license but not a proper stamp on his license. This seems minor to me, but then again, I’m a Cheney apologist.

  • dawn summers

    I don’t think Sarah Brady is out there sending John Hinkley Jr. any Christmas cards. But if you think you wouldn’t go after any and everything involved in your husband’s paralysis, well, then I think you’re scary.

  • Eric

    I’d go after the person. But, then again, I don’t view firearms as dangerous, only people.

  • John Newman

    And I’m sure you would all feel the same way if it had been Cheney who had been shot and then suffered a heart attack because the pellet in his chest traveled to his heart. For the record, I am about as close to being a leftie as this place is to being libertarian – not even close.

  • Bret

    I would “go after” anything or anybody at fault for my spouse’s paralysis, not everything involved. If my wife was paralyzed in an auto accident I wouldn’t look to the automobile company for reparations. But the guy in the other car better watch the hell out.

  • Kay

    If I’m scary because I refuse to blame an object for an act perpetrated by a living breathing human being, then so be it. Call me the creature from the Black Lagoon, LOL.

    And John, hanging out around libertarian sites makes you a libertarian just as much as hanging out in a garage makes you a car. ;-)