What Progressives Really Think

DADAHEAD recently wrote about trade, in the context of the upcoming election(s).

[T]he majority of Democratic office holders are not

really populists or progressives; they're welfare-state capitalists, and their allegiance to big business is as axiomatic as any Republican's.

In response, Neil wrote the following:

Personally, I'm happy to identify as a welfare capitalist — can you not be that as well as a populist or progressive? If you set up the economy so that the maximum amount of money

flows in, and it happens to flow in to rich people, that's just fine as long as you tax those rich people heavily enough to fund education and health care, etc, for everybody.

If it slots turns out that it's easier to fund the betterment of the working poor that way than to actually set up the economy so they make more money in their jobs, that's the way we should set up policy.

So, according to at least one progressive (and probably many more), capitalism is great, insofar as the benefits flow away from those who create the capital and towards those who produce nothing. How, exactly, is this ethical, Neil?

  • http://www.rogelsview.com Rogel

    I love this oxymoron “welfare capitalist”. What will make the money “flow in” if you keep taking it? the wishful thinking?

  • http://thelibertypapers.org/2005/11/21/who-is-eric/ Eric

    More importantly, there is a significant failure to realize that wealthy individuals, corporations and unions have the money and power to manipulate your “welfare capitalist state” to their advantage. The funding for this borne by the middle quintiles of the wealth curve, not the high or low. That is, of course, conveniently overlooked.

  • r4d20

    The existence of a large number of impoverished people has other costs besides the “touchy feely” ones. We can write these people off, but at a certain point they will get violent and we will have to shell out a lot of that earned cash simply to protect what is ours. Perhaps its been my lifelong interest with military history, but the empirical fact is that money attracts barbarians.

    Nothing works all the time, but most long lived empires learnt to pay off the barbarians to fight amongst themselves rather than try to subdue them all by force. It didnt work all the time, nothing will stop a Genghis Khan, but it worked a lot more often than not.