The FairTax and Enforcement

As many of you know, I’m a huge proponent of the FairTax. Given that I’m a contributor to The FairTax Blog, I don’t normally post much about it here.

But I threw up a post over at The FairTax Blog about how it will be enforced, and thought some of the readers here who are interested in the FairTax might be interested… Check it out. I think it answers some questions that aren’t addressed elsewhere.

  • Ken Howe

    That is the most thorough treatment of the enforcement aspecct of teh FairTax I have seen since its inception. Good job in explaining it.
    Kind of blows the arguement of evasion right out of the water.
    Thank You.

  • Brad Warbiany

    Thanks, Ken.

  • John Newmman
  • Eric

    Insert a video clip of Seinfeld saying “Newman” here.

  • John Newman

    That comment confirmed what I thought, you spend too much time in front of the idiot box; they named it after people like you.