So Long, Farewell, Adieu

As mentioned on Eric’s Grumbles a few weeks ago, my time in the blogosphere is coming to an end. Over the past 18 months I’ve had a tremendous experience as an amateur writer and political commentator.

Of everything I’ve done, the thing I’ve enjoyed the most is creating this blog and the Life, Liberty, Property blog community. They’ve been great chances to get to meet a lot of other great bloggers who have similar political and philosophical beliefs. And to interact with those folks and a lot of commenters. Even the commenters who are consistently negative or reflexively opposed to anything that doesn’t fit their ideal were fun and interesting.

Brad will be taking over The Liberty Papers. He’s a great writer and a lot of fun to interact with. I’m sure he’ll keep this going and The Liberty Papers will do well, by whatever definition is important to Brad and the other contributors.

Because of the position I’m moving on to in my professional life, I can’t continue to blog. But I plan to continue reading blogs when I have time. Blogs are, as I’ve said before, the modern pamphlet. And the pamphleteers of an earlier era were instrumental in bringing about the single greatest event to occur in the advancement of liberty and individualism yet. So, don’t despair fellow pamphleteers, keep working at it and you can change the world too.

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  • jack mardack

    Jeepers, Eric…

    “Because of the position I’m moving on to in my professional life…”

    What are you gonna do? Ya haven’t succumbed to censorship, have ya?

    Jack Mardack

  • Eric

    It’s a combination of things. The first is that this week, first on the job, I worked about 80 hours. I’m seriously lacking on the energy to keep up with blogging. The second is to protect the new organization, an NGO, from any issue/controversy that might arise from my blogging. It was my choice, not one imposed on me. And, finally (and most important), I will be travelling all week and/or working long hours and want to reserve my free time for my family.

  • Ogre

    Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

    But you’re joining an NGO? Sorry to hear that you’ll be joining the enemy.

  • Kay

    We all wish you the very best in your new venture, Eric! I’m glad you gave us a little time to adjust ;-) and look forward to hearing from you (about you?) from time to time!

  • Eric

    It’s a non-profit hospital system Ogre. Since my area of expertise is healthcare security and privacy, the choices kind of limit themselves, and this is much better than government healthcare. ;-)

  • Ogre

    Indeed, better than government health care! But stop taking my money! ;)

    Seriously, best of luck with it!