Frist: You’re doin’ a heckuva job, Denny!

Someone stop this crazy circle-jerk, the real conservatives want to get off…

Hastert is longest-serving GOP speaker

Rep. Dennis Hastert, who vaulted out of political obscurity when Newt Gingrich resigned as speaker of the House more than seven years ago, on Thursday became the longest-serving Republican speaker in history.

Hastert, 64, surpasses fellow Illinoisan Joseph “Uncle Joe” Cannon, a pugnacious politician who ruled the House from November 1903 until the Democrats regained the majority in March, 1911.

“The House has achieved unprecedented success under his leadership,” said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., noting GOP successes in Medicare, education and tax cut legislation. “It’s no wonder Denny has become the longest-serving Republican speaker in history.”

GOP successes in Medicare & education? Sure, if you call falling on your own sword a “success”. Cutting your own guts out sure does keep your opponents from being able to claim they killed you, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.

I think the American people, judging by their polling numbers of Congress, don’t consider the House to have unprecedented success. I sure as hell don’t.

And these days, neither does Doug:

Once Republicans acheived power in the 1994 elections, they were pretty quick to jump off the term limits bandwagon that had been a part of their electoral success. With a few notable exceptions, many of the members of the Class of `94 who had campaigned on the promise that they would only serve for a set number of terms suddenly found several convenient reasons why it was a good idea to break a promise to the voters. The real reason, of course, was that, once they had it, many Republicans found that they liked power and they liked being powerful. Why give it up voluntarily ?

In other words, Republicans in power began behaving just like the Democrats they had complained about during their 40 years in the wilderness of a seemingly permanent minority.

And, Hillyar notes, with Hastert at the head of the pack, the House GOP began displaying what can only be called the arrogance of power…

Time to go, Denny. If you don’t step down voluntarily, you’re rapidly leading us down the road to the words “Speaker of the House Pelosi”.