So Be It

“It’s clear that in the Middle East, no one is sick of the fighting. They have centuries of grudges to resolve, and will continue fighting until they can get over them. And considering that they obviously have no interest in “getting over them,” we’re stuck with a war that will not end in any forseable [sic] future. It doesn’t matter what we bloggers say. It doesn’t matter what the President of the United States says. Or the United Nations. Or the usual bloviating gasbag pundits.

When two sides are this dead-set on killing each other, very little can get in the way. ”

— Markos “Kos” Koulitsas

Well, no-one is sick of the fighting, except say… 99% of the jews

He’s entirely correct about the grudges bit, and about the nothing anyone says matters bit, but the fact of the matter is, the Israelis have done everything possible, and more than everything reasonable, to have peace.

The so called Palestinians (THERE ARE NO PALESTINIANS, there is no Palestine. Palestine was an arbitrarily created place that only existed between world war 1 and 1948. Most so called Palestinians are either Syrian, Egyptian, or Lebanese), Syrians, and Lebanese muslims who support them, (as well as most of the rest of the worlds muslims who are “supporting” them) are doing everything possible to kill every Jew.

Not a lot of jews, not some jews, not “the jews that are fighting us” or “the jews that are occupying our homeland”. They want to kill every jew everywhere.

Yes, that is their goal. They make no bones about it. They don’t hide it. They dont obfuscate. They clearly and unequivically state that they will not stop fighting until every jew is dead.

The Israelis just want to eat pizza without being blown up.

The Arabs, and the other muslims around the world that support them, initiated tribal warfare against all Jews world wide during WW2, and intensified this warfare after the world war was over. In fact, WW2 is still being fought, in one small section of the middle east.

I will concede several issues here. The creation of Israel was a blatantly illegal act, in so far as international law exists. The British and Americans basically drew some lines and said “Here jews; we feel guilty because we let 1/3 of you die, so you can have this country. Oh, there are some people here already, but we’ll move them out for you”.

Of course those people then fought a war against the jews, and they lost. They’ve been terrorists ever since. The Jews won, the Arabs lost, that was in 1948.

Its been almost 60 years, you lost, get over it. Move on.

And I’ll also concede that Israel is often stupid, high handed, arrogant, a poor friend to their allies at times; and that a certain small percentage of Israelis (and other jews for that matter) are bigoted against everyone but other jews.

…….Funny, sounds kind of familiar doesn’t it… but I digress.

But for the most part, Israel is just another democracy; and has been since 1948, if a vaguely socialist democracy with some overtly religionist elements.

The rest of the arab (and most of the rest of the muslim) world are essentially tribalist governments. They are almost all dictatorships or hardly different from “monarchies”, really nothing more than typical third world tribal structures given guns and money. They have all pretty much decided that it was easier to focus their peoples anger and hatred over their corrupt axploitative governments and shitty lives against the jews, than it was to actually… oh I dunno.. govern properly maybe?

Tribal warfare is the bloodiest there is. It’s a gang fight on a national, or even semiglobal scale; and it goes on until all of one side is dead; or utterly, humiliatingly, crushingly defeated.

The Arabs, and the muslims who support them, are a failed culture, propping themselves up with oil money, and an evil “religion” turned into a death cult. They hate and resent their failure; and their cultural and social imperatives force them to obscure and refuse to acknowledge it; but people can see with their own eyes how bad it is. They need a scapegoat, and like all throughout history, the jews have been very convenient scapegoats; as is America, and western culture for that mater.

When is the rest of the world going to wake up to the fact that the Arab world has declared war on EVERYONE ELSE; that it’s a war to the death, and that Israel is fighting the front line…

Oh and that front line just happens to be IN THEIR HOMES.

Yes, America is on the front line too, but that front line is 8000 miles away from the majority of us. We’ve got 200,000 of our men and women at risk over there right now, out of 300,000,000. Israel has EVERYONE, all 7,000,000 of them at risk, every day.

7 million people, 8000 square miles (almost exactly the same population and size as New Jersey funnily enough), and in excess of 1 BILLION people trying to kill every single one of you (or supporting those who are). Someone tell me how the Israelis are wrong here?

No wait, don’t, because they ARE RIGHT.

Like I said, Kos got some of it right, the Arabists and Islamists won’t rest until every Jew is dead, and there’s not much that can get in the way. Well, I don’t think we as a nation are going to let that happen. I don’t think that I as an INDIVIDUAL will let it happen before I’m dead.


The Jews will not be destroyed.

Not while I live.

Not while America is still America.

By their choice, there will be no peace anywhere, never mind just the middle east, until every Arabist, and Islamist is dead.

So be it

I am a cynically romantic optimistic pessimist. I am neither liberal, nor conservative. I am a (somewhat disgruntled) muscular minarchist… something like a constructive anarchist.

Basically what that means, is that I believe, all things being equal, responsible adults should be able to do whatever the hell they want to do, so long as nobody’s getting hurt, who isn’t paying extra

  • RhymesWithRight

    Since they wish to claim a long-standing presence n the region, perhaps we can call them by a Biblical name — the Philistines.

    And we all know what happened to them when the screwed with the Jews.

    Let the smiting begin.

  • Mike

    While I totally agree with your sentiments, I have to take exception with the lumping in of the Lebanese Muslims in the group that “hates” Israel. Most Lebanese, while not friends of Israel or “the Jews” by any means, don’t wish to fight them either. It’s just that since Lebanon is a (unique) failed state, its government is not powerful enough to take control of southern Lebanon from Hezbollah. Close to all Lebanese citizens, including both Shia and Sunni Muslims, hate Hezbollah.

    Remember, Lebanon is home to the same people that brought us the Cedar Revolution. They don’t really deserve to be lumped in with Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the rest.

  • Chris Byrne

    You are correct in that not all, nor perhaps even the majority of Lebanese muslims, and certainly not the majority of Lebanese citizens, support the eradication of the Jews. What I intended to say was “and those who support them”, but I can see how this was unclear, and ambiguously worded. I’m re-writing it now.

    I know many lebanese whou would gladly join the fight on the right side.

  • Mike

    Ah, gotcha. I see what ya meant, but it’s much clearer now.

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  • Wulf

    The Israelis just want to eat pizza without being blown up.

    They don’t have any problems with that here in Richmond. Maybe they ought to move here.

    Okay, that was flippant. But there is more to it than wanting to live in peace. The Israelis have chosen to make a stand for religious reasons.

    When people say that the Arabists want every single Jew anywhere DEAD, well, I don’t disagree, but if it were me, I don’t know that my defensive tactic would be to live in the middle of the region. Their choice to live there forces the issue. And while I would never try to deprive them of that choice, I resent it when people tell me that it’s America’s responsibility to be involved.

  • Eric

    Wulf, I think that, whether we like it or not, America incurred a responsibility by enabling the situation in the first place.

    We also have to ask ourselves if someone should be deprived of life, liberty or property because they choose to do something for reasons we don’t agree with. In this case, you are essentially saying that the Israeli’s are “asking for it” because they chose to live in Israel rather than Richmond, Virginia. I’m not sure if that is what you really meant to do, or not, but it is something to think about.

    Should a person that lives in the ghetto of a city be less protected by the rule of law than someone that lives in the suburbs? I’m not talking about real issues on the ground, but the theoretical ideals of a good society.

  • VRB

    Although Richmond has been without incident, those events preceeding 9/11 and 9/11 in New York and DC are the the tentacles of the same animal.