Why no politics?

After all, it is election season… in fact tomorrow is election day; why hasn’t a brilliant and insightful commentator such as myself opined on this election?

Honestly, I just can’t stand to write anything about politics right at this moment. I’m getting two dozen (no exaggeration) political calls a day between my home phone, and my and my wifes cell phones; then theres the commercials (nonstop and particularly nasty this year)…

The last thing I want to do right now is write about politics.

… buuuuut I’m gonna anyway, just a little bit anyway.

Tomorrow, I am voting against every democrat. Note, I am not voting for republicans, I am very explicitly voting against democrats.

It’s not that I particularly like Republicans; it’s that I will never, ever, do anything that is in my power to do, to aid democrats in gaining any kind of power ever again.

I would very much like my children to not either be dead or forced to be muslims, in 20 years; and if democrats are not absolutely crushed at every turn, I would be willing to bet money that will happen.

Oh and there are no viable libertarians who aren’t nut jobs that I can vote for, as usual, so I won’t be voting for them either; and the way the Libertarian party is these days, they’re just as bad as the democrats on foreign policy, if not worse.

Additionally I am voting no any any proposal “for the children”, “for the workers”, or “for the environment”; because in my experience any time a law is “for” those things, it is against freedom, liberty, responsiblity, and the individual rights of man.

I am voting against any proposition or candidate endorsed by teachers unions, organized labor, PETA, MoveOn, NOW, NARAL, the VPC, HCI, and any other number of far left interest groups; because if they agree with it, I KNOW it’s horrible.

I’m voting against any candidate that has had an automated war dialer call me… guess what, they’re all democrats too. Oh and all the groups above? Yeah they’ve been wardialling too.

I’m voting against every proposition that gives the government more power over citizens; but yes on the four that give the government more power to deal with illegal aliens.

I’m voting no on any proposition that gives the government the power to steal more money; but yes on allowing legislators a pay raise, because our legislature only pays $24,000 a year, and it’s silly that a waitress should make more than a state senator; even if our legislators hold other jobs.

You might note; primarily I’m voting against things; and boy am I just plain sick of that.

I am a cynically romantic optimistic pessimist. I am neither liberal, nor conservative. I am a (somewhat disgruntled) muscular minarchist… something like a constructive anarchist.

Basically what that means, is that I believe, all things being equal, responsible adults should be able to do whatever the hell they want to do, so long as nobody’s getting hurt, who isn’t paying extra

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  • Nathan

    That’s exactly what I did today: Voted against the Dems. I can’t understand how some so-called conservatives can say they are going to vote for liberals. It’s like Toronto Sun columnist Rachel Marsden said in her column: Republicans voting for Dems is like firing your babysitter and hiring Michael Jackson.

    And things don’t look much better for 2008. Who do we have? McCain? He’ll stab you in the back for a good mention in the NY Times. Gingrich? I love Gingrich, but the media’s viciousness made him damaged goods.

    We need someone who can bring back the Reagan Democrats. I’m already looking at possibilities such as John Cox, who declared his run for the GOP nomination in March. Duncan Hunter did,too, but Hunter became a big-government conservative if there’s such a thing. Cox has one thing I like — he’s a real Beltway outsider.

    Sorry for rambling. Good website and good analysis. Thanks.

  • Quincy

    Ron Paul for President? Anybody? Anybody?