No, They Haven’t Learned Their Lesson

The Republican Party, after losing their majority in the midterms, should be looking at themselves and realizing why they have lost. The key word in that sentence is should. Instead, the Republicans appear to be ready to reelect their House leadership and a man whose only qualification is that he’s a Bush loyalist will be become RNC chairman.

To remind you why Republicans lost last Tuesday, they lost because they went Washington and they support Big Government. Mel Martinez’s office, if you remember, was the author of an infamous memo during the Terri Schiavo tragedy that gave talking points for Republicans to use on that issue. The Republicans do not do themselves a service with limited government voters by appointing a man who sought to use the tragedy and government intervention in the dispute of the Schiavo and Schindler families for political gain.

The only message this sends is that the Republican party is still not interested in the votes of limited government suppoters.

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  • Janice Sanford

    The shame goes to the Democrat party. The individual Republicians and Democrats who moved to save Terri Schiavo’s life deserve the respect of every American who saw the public execution of Terri Schiavo for what it was. The deliberate taking of an innocent human life.History shall look back unkindly to our generation, and see that as a nation of laws, we went from judging a man on the color of his skin to judging a human being’s on his ability to interact with the outside world. Today, being a brain injured human being is a crime! I say thank you, to everyone who raised, a hand, or a voice in an effort to save Terri Schiavo.