Comrades, I Hereby Declare the Revolution

A revolution? Comrades? But this is a classic liberal blog, isn’t it? In a word, yes. And it will remain so. I use the word “comrade” in it’s older sense, not the socialist meaning of egalitarianism and absolute equality of class, but in the fraternal sense. We are comrades, brothers and sisters seeking liberty.

But, a revolution? Yes, a revolution. Not a violent one, I don’t advocate that. A revolution in thought, a continuation of the Liberal revolution that began in Scotland nearly 300 years ago.

Who am I and why am I posting here? You may recognize the name and the quote that I chose to introduce myself with. Like Heinlein’s celebrated novel, “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”, I am a construct, a false front. This is a nom de guerre, appropriate to a revolutionary. I’m a concerned citizen, a believer in liberty, a classic liberal following in the footsteps of giants. Men like Adam Smith, Thomas Paine, and Milton Friedman. I have no illusions that I am their equal, that I will start revolutions in thought and theory on par with theirs. Perhaps, though, I can sway one of you out there to see the value of liberty and the danger of collectivism. And you can touch one person yourself. And so on. And we change some portion of the world.

So, citizens, lend me your ears, for I have things to say, things I hold dear. Things of deep importance if we are to retain those small amounts of liberty that our masters in Washington have decided are meet for us to keep. I intend to share my thoughts on the nature of the individual, the society, the government, the rights of man. And we will see if I can change the world in some small way.

p.s. You might want to keep an eye out for my pal Simon Jester, I hear he may get into the swing again as well.

  • intellectimpure

    How much Heinein have you actually read? While paying lip service to Libertarianism I find much of his work to be socialist in nature. How did Heinlein become a hero to so many while his work does not illustrate the principles that you espouse? I am vexed…

  • Adam Selene

    Chuckles, I’ve heard this so many times. Point me to him espousing socialism and we can discuss. Most likely you will point me to yet another place where RAH posited that authoritarian government was the norm for society.

  • intellectimpure

    No, actually I would point you toward the fact that despite his characters mouthing things regarding self reliance that a great many of Heinleins works rely on some kind of “sugar daddy” to bankroll the life of perfect liberty that the characters enjoy. Not to mention that the characters live communally but under a benevolent dictator.

    Heinlein was socialist as a young man. There is not doubt about that.

    There is no doubt that Heinlein nicely illustrated a lot of principles relating to personal liberty and government, however, when he got the part of the story that needed a plot to show HOW people could achieve liberty, he took the shortcut of providing them with material support.