Ask Yourself

Ask yourself why you aren’t up in arms with a government that shoots 92 year old women in their home? Why do you still support a government that sentences Cory Maye to die for defending his property (his apparent crime is being black and living at the wrong address). How can you endorse a War on Drugs that results in such things while dramatically increasing violent crime in inner city neighborhoods, creating drugs like crack and ecstasy and continually resulting in greater and greater police powers for our government? Can you not see that we have given our government the power of a tyrant all in the quest to prevent someone else from taking heroin because we think it’s bad for them?

Mrs. Grundy wins, citizens lose.

  • mike

    Because drugs are bad, mmkay?

    My dad’s a Reagan Republican and I really had my eyes opened yesterday when I was discussing Ms. Johnston’s case with him, and his first question was “Did they find anything?”, as if the fact that they found drugs would have justified the murder of a 92 year old grandmother. Then he basically went on to say that no-knock raids, militarization of police forces, etc is the price we have to pay to get rid of the scourge of drugs.

    My head was spinning at this point, because drugs have the ability to stand the issue on its head: someone who normally distrusts government and thinks its the problem can wholeheartedly support increased government powers as the only workable solution because of drugs.

  • Adam Selene

    I know Mike, I have people in my life like that too. They are so convinced that you have to be prevented from taking crack because you MIGHT hurt someone else that they overlook the incredible cost in life and liberty that HAS happened. A nice, clear example of how we can use the \”other\” and propaganda to control people\’s thinking.

  • Jason Pye

    I agree, Adam.