Let’s Make Them Prove It

You’ve heard of The Free State Project ?

Well, someone else is starting up The Free Lunch Project.

Are you frustrated at the loss of a free-ride and sense of entitlement in America, while the growth of government involvement and distribution of wealth stalls? Do you want to live in communities where your right to three meals a day and universal healthcare are respected? Do you want others to fund welfare by forcing them to redistribute, by force if necessary, the earnings they have worked hard for? Are you looking for freedom without responsibility?
If you answered “yes” to these questions, then the Free Lunch Project has a solution for you.


Right now, they’re taking nominations for the state they’ll all move to and turn into a socialist paradise, and Jay Tea at Wizbang is nominating his home state neighboring state of Massachusetts.

I am personally endorsing Massachusetts, for the following reasons:

  1. It’s a smaller state, both geographically and population-wise, so it’ll be easier to influence.
  2. It’s been losing population since the last census, so a sudden influx of 20,000 newcomers could have a tremendous affect in elections.
  3. With Democrats now having an absolute lock on both Houses of the legislature, the governorship, all ten House seats, and both Senate seats, it’s well on its way already. The “Massachusetts Republican” is just shy of making the endangered-species list.
  4. It’s right next door to me, so I can nuke up some popcorn and enjoy the show.
  5. It has New England winters, so their theories will be put to a much harsher environmental test than California will (excluding earthquakes, brush fires, mudslides, and other far less predictable natural hazards).

The only question is, if this happens in The Bay State, how will we be able to tell the difference ?

  • http://louisianalibertarian.blogspot.com/ Kevin

    I nominate my homestate of Louisiana for the following reasons:

    1) Just like Taxachussetts, we too are a small state both geographically and population wise.
    2) Just like Taxachussetts, we too are losing population so 20,000 extra freeloaders would have a tremendous effect on elections.
    3) Unlike Taxachussetts, we have many parties, but all of our parties, including the Libertarian Party, are all socialist parties.
    4) I live 10 minutes from the Mississippi border, if it gets too rough for me down here, I can cross into America.
    5) We’ve been a pioneer in socialism for nearly 80 years. We’ve given the world the first example of socialized medicine in our Charity Hosptial system. We also have more occupations that require licenses than any other state and we find more ways to tax businesses and individuals than any other state as well.
    6) We always add a nanny-state and a religious component to our socialism as well. For example, we were the first state to ban smoking in cars with children in them.
    7) Our government is absolutely unaccountable to the voters, so even if the producers get tired of subsidizing the free lunch, our government will simply ignore them.
    8) New Orleans has a proven history of being a Welfare city, can’t say that about Boston.
    9) If there are no evil capitalists to steal from in Louisiana, there are always the tourists and evil oil companies. We can always develop our own homegrown Hugo Chavez.
    10) Finally, Taxachussetts winters have nothing on Louisiana summers, the occassional rough winter, the rainy season in the fall and spring, and most importantly, our hurricanes.

    I conclude by saying the facts speak for themselves, Louisiana should be the home of the Free Lunch Project.

  • http://wizbangblog.com/ Jay Tea


    I nominated my NEIGHBOR STATE of Massachusetts, not my HOME STATE of New Hampshire!!!!

    You calling me a Masshole? Them’s fighting words, Doug!!!! I was born in New Hampshire, and I’ve lived my entire life (so far) here in the Granite State. Take that back, or I’ll FedEx you a hunk of that granite and you can whack yourself upside the head with it!

    Indignantly yours,


  • http://www.belowthebeltway.com Doug Mataconis

    Jay Tea,

    My mistake. I’ve changed it.

  • http://wizbangblog.com/ Jay Tea

    Phew. I was not looking forward to shipping you a rock. They’re heavy.

    Thanks for the correction. You gotta understand — around here, them’s FIGHTING WORDS. They even got used once as a defense against a manslaughter charge — and the guy was acquitted.