A Tribute to Milton Friedman

Over at Catallarchy, they have a tribute to Milton Friedman:

Much of this is due to the work of Milton Friedman, a great economist and a great champion of Liberty at a time when she so desperately needed one. As you know by now, Dr. Friedman died recently. Though it is less than he deserved, we offer the following as a tribute to a man whose legacy we are honored to carry on.

There’s some great writing over there, and you should head on over and check it out.

My personal favorite of the posts so far is David Masten’s article, Friedman the Moderate, in which David has some lessons for other libertarians.

Despite the reputation Friedman has on the left as a radical libertarian, there is an striking dearth among his policy recommendations of anything any reasonable leftist or moderate might find objectionable on normative grounds.

This is a lesson we have preached on this page too. Radical libertarians and anarchists will be seen as part of the fringe and never effect real change.