Crossed the line yet?

Maybe this will be enough for those who still support the war on drugs to realize that something needs to change. Follow the links, because there’s a lot of good info, but the short version is that the U.S. Government stood idly by and let an innocent man get brutally murdered because a man involved with the murders was an informant working for ICE. Lest anyone think the murder was a one-time aberration, the informant has been linked to 12 other murders. In fact, since he was wearing a wire, his handlers were able to hear the actual murders being committed. Then the government covered everything up and canned a senior DEA agent who had the gall to speak out against the government being complicit in murder. This senior DEA agent described the informant as a “homicidal maniac.”

I’ll let the agent have the last word: “This situation is so bizarre that even as I’m writing to you it is difficult for me to believe it. I have never before come across such callous behavior by fellow law enforcement officers.”

Just more collateral damage in the war.

  • Brad Warbiany

    But at least they’re stopping drug use in this country…

    Wait, they’re not actually stopping drug use? Oh well, it’s the intentions that count, right?