America Goes Commie — What Do You Do?

Over at Catallarchy, Jonathan Wilde asks a very interesting question:

At some point in the future, the majority of US voters come to believe passionately in communism. As the presidential election approaches, all polling data points to a probable win by the communist party candidate. And I don’t mean ‘communist’ like Barack Obama or George W. Bush, but rather, a real red-tempered communist like Fidel Castro.

As a person who believes in liberty and markets, what is your best course of action?

Spurring revolution?
Creating/promoting an opposition party?

In this case, escape is my #1 option. I’ve said before, the day I see America coming after the guns, it’s time to bug out. I’m not even a gun guy, but that’s one of those signs that things have gone too far. But as some of the comments there point out, where do you go? If America gets that bad, it may not be easy to find someplace better to go.

What would you do?

  • Chris


    Screw that; I took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states, to the best of my ability; and I intend to do so.

    Communism is completely unconstitutional; and cannot be made constitutional without the repeal of a fair portion of the amendments.

    There is, and always will be, a strong enough minority in this conutry of people who will not accept commnuism, or any other totalitarian rule no matter the consequences.

    The presnece of these people ensure that should the government be taken over by communists or totalitarians, that a revolution would certainly occur; and I would be right there with them.

    I wager near all of our veterans (of which I am one), and most of the active duty military of this country would be as well; but I fear most of the police would not.

    However even if the military were unlawfully and against their oaths, obeying the unconstitutional orders of such a government; I would still fight.

    No matter how hopeless the cause, some things must be defended at all costs.

  • mike

    I’m not willing to give up the country. I’ve already sworn one oath to the Constitution, and I’ll probably be swearing a few more before I’m done.

    “All enemies, foreign and domestic.” End of story.

    It’d probably be a futile cause, but I’d still be willing to fight.

    As far as possible egress locations, Canada would be good short term, but too risky for a long term stay, what with the newly belligerent southern neighbor. Central America (I’m thinking Costa Rica) would be a good place to holeup, but there would be little opportunity to really lead a normal life, make more money, etc. etc. It’d be more of place to mark time/chill. I think the best bet would be somewhere in Asia or Australia.

  • Nick

    Have you been to the SW? We will be seceding if that ever happens. I believe there are enough weapons here to pull it off too.


  • Brad Warbiany


    The closest I’ve been to the SW is SoCal, so I’d say that doesn’t count much :-)

    When you guys secede, I might move there.

  • Kevin

    The answer’s easy, revolution. If this country ever starts down the road to absolute totalitarianism, a significant minority of Americans will fight back as Chris said. In addition, I’m sure there’s a general or two who make this wannabe totalitarian will go the way of Allende.

    Then again, call me naive, but I don’t accept the premise. If tyranny comes to America, it will be either fascist or religious based.

  • Eric

    We’ve already incorporated certain degrees of fascism (corporatism, more accurately). It is better than it was in the 60’s and 70’s, and infinitely better than the 30’s and 40’s. But it sure ain’t good.

  • Kevin


    I think the future American tyrants will probably believe in a metastasized version of Bush’s “compassionate conservatism”. They’ll combine an extreme form of Christianity with socialist and corporatist economics and probably a militaristic foreign policy. Communism is dead, especially in America. Discuss.

  • Eric

    So called compassionate conservativism is nice politically correct term for mild fascism with an overtone of religious morality. In other words, a continuation of the GOP policy of the past 60 years, with the exception of 1978-1988.