GOP Presidential Candidate For Judicial Activism

Kansas Senator and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback isn’t happy with a judicial nominee. The reason, because she attended a committment ceremony for a lesbian couple.

Democratic U-S Senator Carl Levin says it’s “very inappropriate” for a Kansas senator to ask a federal judicial nominee to promise not to rule on gay marriage cases.

Senator Sam Brownback says he’ll lift his hold on the confirmation of Michigan Appeals Judge Janet Neff to the federal bench if she agrees to step aside from gay marriage matters.

The Kansas Republican has stalled Neff’s nomination to a federal judgeship in western Michigan because she attended a lesbian commitment ceremony of a family friend.

Levin says the request undermines judicial integrity.

So just because Judge Neff has lesbian friends who are in a committed relationship, Sam Brownback doesn’t want her on the bench. This is not acceptable conduct for a man who wants to be president and serve all Americans.

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  • Brad Warbiany

    You know, I had looked over the headlines earlier and saw a bit about this. I had figured that Brownback had probably found out that Neff was a lesbian or something, and thought it might be a conflict of interest. It’s still ridiculous, IMHO, but my outrage was mild.

    But simple guilt by association? Are federal judges not allowed to fraternize with homosexuals? WTF?

    Yeah, the outrage meter is climbing. And people wonder why libertarians like me didn’t hold our noses and vote for the GOP this year.