Bob Barr Explains Why He Joined The Libertarian Party

David Weigel at Reason interviews former Congressman Bob Barr about his recent decision to join the Libertarian Party:

reason: Why did you join the Libertarian Party, and why did you agree to take this role?

Bob Barr: I suppose one reason is I was asked two by two individuals I respect. One is Bill Redpath, the executive director, and the other is Shane Cory. I know both very well. When they asked me to consider it was very important to them. And I chose to join the Libertarian Party because at this time in our nation’s history, it’s fundamentally essential to join a party, work with a party, that’s 100 percent committed to protecting liberty. As great as the Republican Party is — and I have been fortunate to work with that party for many years and still have the highest regard for it — the Constitution is under such assault in this day and age. In order to have any chance of saving the Constitution and our civil liberties, we need a party dedicated to that cause.


reason: Is there anything in your former party that’s worth saving?

Barr: It’s not just civil liberties, but how liberties are governed. Where you have government that doesn’t obey lays of this nation, we have problem. When you have an administration that decides it doesn’t have to review the decisions of our courts, we have a problem. When you have a Congress exerting no leadership in terms of oversight, we have a problem. The party in power was not providing a solution to those problems. I’ve concluded that the Libertarian Party is the best mechanism for solving them.

Clearly, there is no love lost on Barr’s part for the GOP. Can’t say I blame him.

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