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December 18, 2006

Marijuana: America’s Biggest Cash Crop

by Doug Mataconis

Just in case you thought America’s biggest cash crop was wheat, corn, or soybeans, the L.A. Times reports today that the money brought in by marijuana beats them all:

SACRAMENTO — For years, activists in the marijuana legalization movement have claimed that cannabis is America’s biggest cash crop. Now they’re citing government statistics to prove it.

A report released today by a marijuana public policy analyst contends that the market value of pot produced in the U.S. exceeds $35 billion — far more than the crop value of such heartland staples as corn, soybeans and hay, which are the top three legal cash crops.


Nationwide, the estimated cannabis production of $35.8 billion exceeds corn ($23 billion), soybeans ($17.6 billion) and hay ($12.2 billion), according to Gettman’s findings.

And, though this should hardly be surprising to anyone who hasn’t partaken of the Drug War Kool-Aid:

The report estimates that marijuana production has increased tenfold in the past quarter century despite an exhaustive anti-drug effort by law enforcement.

Well, what do you know about that.

Perhaps the way to help America’s farmers is to declare a War on Soybeans.

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  1. Doug, I just saw this and was going to post about it… And you beat me to it.

    Comment by Brad Warbiany — December 18, 2006 @ 5:40 pm
  2. Heh, what he said.

    Comment by mike — December 18, 2006 @ 5:49 pm
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