Building a Better Mousetrap Pot Plant

Mexican Soldiers Find Hybrid Pot Plants

Thousands of soldiers sent to seize control of one of Mexico’s top drug-producing regions have discovered widespread cultivation of a hybrid marijuana plant that is easy to grow and difficult to kill, officials said Tuesday.

The plants can only be killed by having their roots pulled, a slow and tedious task, Army Gen. Manuel Garcia told The Associated Press, one of four media outlets allowed to accompany soldiers on the daylong raid.

“Before we could cut the plant and destroy it, but this plant will come back to life unless it’s taken out by the roots,” Garcia said.

The hybrid first appeared in Mexico two years ago but has become the plant of choice for drug traffickers in western Michoacan state, a remote mountainous region that lends to itself to drug production.

The plants resist chemicals that only burn the top leaves without hurting the root, making aerial fumigation impossible, Garcia said.

Does anyone think for a second that this would have happened without a ridiculous drug war causing the pot business to be extremely profit-laden?

In one sense, it’s a reminder of just how ingenious the market can be when providing a desired product, even if it’s illegal. On another sense, I get a bit worried when people are creating plants that won’t die. It reminds me of the plant that ate the South…

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  • Joe

    South American farmers have also developed coca plants that are resistant to Roundup, so when our “drug warriors” spray the fields, they are effectively doing the farmers’ weeding for them.

  • Nicholai

    These “drug warriors” are poisoning the farmers, including women and children when they spray these “harmless” chemicals on their farms. They also destroy food crops leading to death by starvation. The drug war is a war crime, created to allow the government to create a police state similar to that of Nazism.