The Mommy State

Just in case you were wondering what life under Clinton II might be like:

WASHINGTON – Sen. Hillary Clinton told a TV audience of 3 million women Wednesday that the nation has “never had a mother” be president.

Appearing on “The View” to push the 10th anniversary reissue of her book “It Takes a Village,” Clinton chatted about family Christmas and raising kids these days.

The former first lady noted, “We’ve never had a mother who ever ran for or held that position.”

I can see it now. An entire nation governed under the rules of “Mother, May I ?”

H/T: QandO

  • Joe

    Is your point here that mothers shouldn’t be president?

  • VRB

    We have had enough paternalistic crap over the years, but its interesting how it’s always referred to as feminine, such as the Nanny state.

  • Doug Mataconis


    My point is that we don’t need someone who takes the attitude that she must ask as our Mother upon entering the White House. We aren’t a nation of helpless children despite what Ms. Rodham Clinton may think.