If I had $2,500…

…Would I spend it on this?

“This historical project will consist of forty-six titles spanning the entire writing career of Robert A. Heinlein. The Virginia Edition will contain all of Heinlein’s novels and short stories. It will also include all of his non-fiction titles along with the vast majority of his interviews, social commentaries, speeches and articles. Finally the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust has agreed to allow us to include several volumes of Heinlein’s letters and personal correspondence.”

Ah, if only I wasn’t a poor college student.

Incidentally, I have a rich uncle in Somalia who has millions of dollars but he has been displaced by the recent war. He needs about $2,500 to get the money out of the country. Please leave a comment with your bank account number if you wish to be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

h/t: John Scalzi via Chap.

  • http://www.tfsternsrantings.blogspot.com T F Stern

    Ah, to be filthy rich, enough to toss money down on such a neat collection. I guess I should be happy with my faded and worn paper back editions and then buy another just like them and pocket the other $2450.00. I saw this promotion a year ago and had hoped that Christmas would bring them to my tree; no, they never arrived.

  • http://thelibertypapers.org/2005/11/22/a-bit-about-kevin/ Kevin

    Damn, I’m a bit broke.

  • http://blog.austindefense.com Jamie

    I need you to send me the fake money order first, then I’ll send you my bank info before I cash it :)