Ron Paul For President !

From Lew Rockwell comes some exciting news:

Today, incorporation papers were filed in Texas for a Ron Paul 2008 presidential exploratory committee. More news to come!

It’s not clear if this is an actual filing by or on behalf of Congressman Paul himself or a move by someone trying to convince him to run. Also unclear is whether Paul would run as a Republican or Libertarian. He probably wouldn’t have a chance, but he’d a great addition to the race.

More coverage at

Update: Further news from the Washington Post:

HOUSTON — Rep. Ron Paul, the iconoclastic, nine-term lawmaker from southeast Texas, took the first step Thursday toward a second, quixotic presidential bid _ this time as a Republican.

Paul filed papers in Texas to create a presidential exploratory committee that will allow him to raise money. In 1988, Paul was the Libertarian nominee for president and received more than 400,000 votes.

Kent Snyder, the chairman of Paul’s exploratory committee and a former staffer on Paul’s Libertarian campaign, said the congressman knows he’s a long shot.

“There’s no question that it’s an uphill battle, and that Dr. Paul is an underdog,” Snyder said. “But we think it’s well worth doing and we’ll let the voters decide.”

Paul limits his view of the role of the federal government to those duties laid out in the Constitution. As a result, he sometimes casts votes at odds with his constituents and other Republicans.

He was one of a handful of Republicans to vote in 2002 against giving President Bush the authority to use military force in Iraq, contending that only Congress had the power to declare war. At times, he has voted against funds for the military.

Paul bills himself as “The Taxpayers’ Best Friend,” and is routinely ranked either first or second in the House by the National Taxpayers Union, a national group advocating low taxes and limited government.

This will bear watching.

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  • Eric Dondero

    He will be running as a Republican. The papers were filed by Ron Paul’s Campaign Staff.

    And the other exciting news of the day, “Libertarian” Actor Michael Moriarty also announced his intentions of running for President. Not clear yet as a Republican, Libertarian or even Reform Party? Moriarty is calling himself a “libertarian conservative”

    Full story at

  • Kevin

    And the other exciting news of the day, “Libertarian” Actor Michael Moriarty also announced his intentions of running for President.

    Michael who?

  • Kevin

    It’s not clear if this is an actual filing by or on behalf of Congressman Paul himself or a move by someone trying to convince him to run.

    Probably the latter, though it could be the very beginning of a Ron Paul campaign. If Congressman Paul wanted to file the paperwork for an exploratory committee, he would have filed it with the FEC and probably sent out a press release complete with news conference and played it up.

    As for the electability issue, since there is no limited government candidate in the Republican primaries, yet; Ron Paul would have to be considered somewhat of a contender.

    One caveat, Ron Paul is a staunch ally of Tom Tancredo. Paul is a member of Tancredo’s Immigration Reform Caucus and Tancredo is a member of the Liberty Caucus. Ron Paul will run as the xenophobe in the race and paint the current xenophobe candidate, Duncan Hunter, as a neo-con.

  • Tim

    At a call in to WNJC 1360 am last night (Wednesday) on which Representative Paul appeared I asked Paul whether he was considering a run for the presidency under a coalitition Libertarian & Constitution party. He answered in the affirmative & also said that a wing of the Republican party was trying to recruit him.

    GO, RON, GO!

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  • Lorella J. Plum

    I pray that Ron Paul runs for President. We don’t have a choice otherwise. God Bless our Republic. With God’s help may we restore our nation to the Sovereign to whom it belongs.

  • Tim

    Nice write-up about Ron Paul in the NY Times today concerning this spring’s first presidential debates occuring in New Hampshire, perhaps our most libertarian state:

    Excerpt here:

    House Contrarian Ron Paul Mulls White House Bid. Nearly two decades after he was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president, maverick Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul is weighing another White House bid — this time for the GOP nod in 2008.

    Paul on Thursday filed paperwork with the Texas Secretary of State establishing a nonprofit corporation, the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee, which can accept funds Paul can use to “test the waters” for a full-fledged bid.

    Should he decide to forge ahead with a campaign, Paul would file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Paul intends to elaborate on his intentions in a couple of weeks, said Kent Snyder, who is chairing Paul’s exploratory effort.

    Paul is well-known on Capitol Hill for his frequent lone “no” votes on many spending bills and other legislation, much of which wins overwhelming support among both Republicans and Democrats alike.

    This a voting pattern that has earned the obstetrician-turned-politician the nickname of “Dr. No.” Paul explains that he votes only for measures he views as specifically authorized by the Constitution.

    In 2006, Paul voted against the Bush administration’s stated position 64 percent of the time, more than any House Republican. His highest-profile departure from President Bush is on the Iraq war, which the congressman vigorously opposes.

    In 2002, Paul was among just six House Republicans who voted against giving Bush authority to wage war in Iraq. Paul opposed the resolution for numerous reasons — including his position that it was an unconstitutional transfer, from Congress to the executive branch, of the power to declare war.

    In a Jan. 5 speech on the House floor, Paul also criticized the administration’s then-tentative plans to increase troop levels in Iraq, which Bush confirmed in a speech to the nation Wednesday.

    Paul has served in the House for nearly 17 years, but in three separate tenures. He started out on the wrong foot, losing badly in 1974 to Democratic Rep. Bob Casey, but rebounded to win an April 1976 special election after Casey resigned to accept an appointment to the Federal Maritime Commission.

    That tour in Congress was brief for Paul. The Democrat whom he defeated in the special election, Bob Gammage, exacted revenge in the November 1976 contest for a full House term. But Paul won their personal rubber match, ousting Gammage in the 1978 election.

    Paul left his House seat open in 1984 to pursue a bid for the Republican Senate nomination that failed. He then strayed briefly from the GOP fold, leading to his third-party campaign for president: As the 1988 Libertarian nominee for president, he won about 432,000 votes nationally — roughly 0.5 percent of the total in a race won by fellow Texan, Republican George H.W. Bush.

    Paul returned to the Republican Party, then returned to the House in 1996 after unseating Rep. Greg Laughlin — who had switched from the Democratic Party after the GOP’s 1994 House takeover — in the Republican primary.

    His mainly conservative constituents in the 14th District, which includes Victoria, Galveston and a 200-mile border with the Gulf of Mexico, are Republican loyalists for president: George W. Bush took 67 percent of the district’s votes in 2004. But Paul’s contrariness evidently plays well at home: He ran unopposed in 2004 and was re-elected with 60 percent last November.

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  • Ryan Brennan (

    On January 17, Ron Paul gave his first radio interview since the announcement of his bid for the 2008 presidency. He appeared on the Alex Jones show, interviewed by Jack Blood. Listen here:

  • Doug Mataconis

    I will honestly say that I’ve got to question Paul’s judgment in associating himself with a program like Prison Planet.

    Does he agree with Alex Jones’ (IMO wacko) beliefs about 9/11 ? I for one would like to know