New Libertarian Social News Site

Many of you are familiar with, a news aggregator site where the actions of the community of readers propel “worthy” stories ahead of the rest. Essentially, they’re designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, Digg has some inherent biases and a herd mentality that usually forces smaller blogs and news items, despite their worth, to be overlooked. That being said, several of us here have submitted stories there regularly, because every new reader which happens upon this site is valued.

Recently a new site devoted to the libertarian side of the internet has opened. Liberty Loop operates on the same sort of principle as Digg, but the content is mostly libertarian-oriented. It’s also a new site, so submitted stories are more able to rise to the top and be seen than on the larger sites, and based on it’s libertarian theme, the stories are likely to be seen by their true target audience. Check it out, I’ve been browsing a bit already and it looks like there’s some good content over there.

Hat Tip: Hit & Run

  • Libertarian Blog

    Interesting article, thanks. Libertarianism is making a comeback. People on the web are really interested in it because it values the individual. The Dems and the Republicans seem to serve themselves (and their special interest constituencies) first. That dysfunction is fueling Libertarianism.