Further Thoughts On The Ron Paul For President Campaign

James Ostrowski responded today to my weekend post criticizing his comments that Ron Paul is Hillary Clinton’s greatest threat, and that he has a realistic chance of winning the the GOP nomination:

[C]onsider the fact that on the key issue of the campaign, the Iraq War, Ron Paul beats Hillary. He voted against the war and she for it. On three other key issues, the economy, immigration and health care, Ron Paul’s views should fare quite well against Hillary’s.

That’s well and good for the General Election, perhaps, but first the Congressman has to win the Republican nomination, and the three factors I mentioned in my original post (money, getting the message out, and name recognition) are going to be a big hurdle for Ron Paul on the road to the nomination, should he actually run for President.

Ostrowski finishes by saying this:

All I’m saying is that the Ron Paul campaign could be a political earthquake. We won’t and can’t know until after the fact.

Perhaps, but the likelihood of it actually happening is, I think, slim indeed.

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