So Much For Open Debate

Up in New Hampshire, Toby Iselin wrote a letter to Delmar Burridge, his local representative in the state legislature urging him to support a bill currently pending that would decriminalize marijuana.

Here’s Iselin’s letter:

Dear Representative Delmar Burridge
I hope you are in good health. I understand that you are on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee which is going to hear testimony this Wednesday on HB92, decriminalizing marijuana. I know you are opposed to this bill, but I trust you can understand how important of an issue this is to many people both in Keene and the rest of New Hampshire. I hope you will consider passing it through committee so that all sides will have their chance to speak on it. NH has some of the most draconian legislation on marijuana, and hundreds of our friends and family members are being arrested for choosing to smoke instead of drink. Please think about passing this through committee so everyone can listen to the opposition and have their chance to speak. Thank you very much,

Toby Iselin
Keene NH

And here’s the money paragraphs from the response he got:

My youngest brother Albert who I was very close to died from head injuries sustained when he wrecked his car in West Virginia. His wife walked away. He was a triple major in college; biology, philosophy, and psychology and was smoking a joint before the crash. It is all very vivid including the anguish my parents went through. This occurred in the 1970s and I still miss him. I began work as a juvenile probation officer in the poorest section in Philadelphia in 1969 and the above described experience pales to my on the job, eyeball to eyeball observation of family devastation I saw daily…..and these males were reefer users just like you….saying the same dumb stuff just like you and they were not smart college smart. I saw lots of blood and death. Trust me, these campers were not soon going to be setting the world on fire. Some did suffer severe burns.


I am copying two members of the Keene Police Department in case you want to change your ways and act legal and save your friends.

You are very passionate in your beliefs and would make a great snitch. It is thrilling to dime on your so called friends.

Is it any wonder that it’s next to impossible to have a rational debate about drug legalization in this country ?

Full coverage at Iselin’s blog.

  • Brad Warbiany

    Very sad. Not only is it sad that the people of the “Live Free or Die” state elected this guy to their legislature, not only is it sad that his ability to craft sentences in the language “English” is severely lacking, it is sad that he thinks that speaking out against the government makes it legitimate to send cops out to investigate you.

    I was absolutely sure last year that my writings for the Fair Tax Blog would get me audited, but it didn’t occur. I think the only reason it never happened is that I wasn’t well known enough to get targeted.

  • Michael Hampton

    Oh no, it gets better. I actually managed to find someone who supports this “representative”!

  • paulie cannoli

    Some ideas on what can be done by outraged citizens to bring Burridge to justice are in the comment section here:

  • Michael Hampton

    Just as a follow-up, Rep. Burridge was flooded with e-mail and phone calls about this. It’s a “learning process,” he says.