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January 22, 2007

Poor Rush…

by Jason Pye

Rush Limbaugh took a jab at the current field of GOP Presidential candidates today on his radio show:

CALLER: What do you think about Brownback’s chances?

RUSH: (Laughs.)

CALLER: My son seems to think that he is too much “church and state,” and people are tired of it, and I love your song because my son’s telling me McCain’s our only chance for a Republican president in 2008, and I second your song. Your cowboy song is perfect.

RUSH: I don’t know what I think of any of it. (sigh) This is tough. You know, I don’t get involved in primaries. I generally don’t endorse in primaries. It’s so early. There is so much yet to happen and fallout.


RUSH: To be honest with you, there’s nobody out there that revs me up, so why should I pretend that there is?

That’s hilarious…he’ll be “carrying the water” for them soon enough, which is the sad part of all of this.

Hat tip to the The Corner @ National Review.

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  • Doug Mataconis

    I thought Rush was sick of carrying the water for the GOP….

    Oh, wait, that only applies until the next election, right ?

    Or is it the next ratings book ?

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