Highest Murder Rate & Strictest Gun Laws

Yep, that’s what the mayor of DC says they’ve got. So he and a bunch of other mayors are headed to the feds for help.

Fenty (D), speaking at a news conference held by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition, said local laws are not sufficient to fight the use of illegal weapons.

“We have one of the highest homicide rates in the country but at the same time have the strictest [gun] law,” Fenty said, joining other urban chief executives at the bipartisan summit on the issue yesterday on Capitol Hill. “Local jurisdictions just can’t solve the problem. You need to have the federal government have one standard for dealing with illegal guns.”

I’m sure he’s right… If only the feds would control the guns, they’d magically disappear from DC’s streets! Yes, we need a federal standard. You know, like the one they have in Britian!

Despite these figures, the number of overall offences involving firearms has been increasing each year since 1997/98. And crime involving imitation weapons was up 55% in 2004-05 compared to the previous year.

In a nice big box, they highlighted the few gun crime statistics that showed a reduction. The above bit of text, of course, follows in much smaller text.

Gun advocates have predicted this over and over and over. When you make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own guns, the criminals know that a gun gives them an insurmountable advantage. It’s gotten to the point where they feel comfortable using replica firearms, because they know nobody is going to challenge them with a real one. It only happens in the movies…

[Caution: Don’t hit play if you’re offended by explicit language]

But don’t worry, dear readers… They’re not coming after YOU.

Bloomberg said the group is not anti-gun and does not oppose the constitutional right to bear arms.

“This is about getting guns out of the hands of criminals,” Bloomberg said.

There, there… Doesn’t that put your mind at ease?