Louisiana Whiners

President Bush did not mention Katrina or the Katrina recovery during his State of the Union speech. Louisiana’s ruling class and the New Orleans based left-wing blogosphere are not pleased.

The incompetant so-called Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen “Maw Maw” Blank-o, who had this:

“I guess the pains of the hurricane are yesterday’s news in Washington,” Blanco said.

“But for us it’s still very real, very real, and it’s something that we live every single day,” the governor said. “But we will continue to fight, and we will continue to come on, and we will effect a recovery.”

Umm…Governor, before you ask for more money from the Feds, give out the money you’ve got. Also, you maybe may get some money if you didn’t call President Bush a partisan sexist.

When is Louisiana’s ruling class going to stop looking for a handout and start leading and rebuilding the state? It’s 17 months since the storm, it’s time to stop blaming Bush and start rebuilding.

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  • http://www.theothersideofkim.com Jmarsh

    Amen, brother. Is Mississippi still complaining? What about SE Texas? I have so many four letter words to describe Babblin’ Blanco and Katrina Mary it’s not even funny. Baton Rouge wants more road money, er.. At least there’s a concrete excuse to not play second fiddle to Orleans/Jeff Parish in terms of funding. “Hep, hep, I don’t know what to do!” lines out of even the (R) reps of Louisiana got real old about 12 months ago.

    I had a felon on probation come to my door yesterday from some sort of outreach program selling cleaning stuff for donations to the program. This guy, with gang tatts and recently out of prison described how he witnessed such a feeling of helplessness among SE Louisiana. From a felon!

    If only Texas could Annex I-10 and Tiger Stadium, I’d never have a need to return to LA again. I can get good sausage and Community Coffee on the web, after all!