Words of truth from Andy…

A lesson in privacy rights from Andy Griffith…

“Cause whether a man is guilty or innocent, we have to find that out by due process of law.”

Hat tip to the LP Blog.

  • http://smallestminority.blogspot.com Kevin Baker

    Ah, yes. The days when television shows helped educate the public as to their rights and duties as citizens.

    Now we get American Idol and professional wrestling and Entertainment Tonight where they talk about which diva flashed her bald crotch at the paparazzi this week.

    Oh, and “24” where Jack Bauer beats the necessary information out of whoever he has to in order to prevent a bomb from going off.

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/2006/11/22/comrades-i-hereby-declare-the-revolution/ Adam Selene

    “24”, brought to you by the same progressive hollywood that screams bloody murder about Gitmo. Now, I detest Gitmo AND “24”, but I suspect that hollywood, and the rest of the progressives, only hate Gitmo because it is GW Bush running the place.

  • http://www.tfortruth.blogspot.com trav.is

    There’s an indictment on the current understanding of constitutional and individual rights!

    Seems to me that if a young hick named “Opie” can grasp it, so could an old hick named “Dubya.”