The War On Smoking Reaches Virginia

If one Virginia Senator has his way, the Old Dominion could be the latest state to ban smoking in restaurants and most other public places:

RICHMOND, Va. — Smokers in the nation’s fourth-leading tobacco-growing state would be banned from lighting up in restaurants and most other indoor public places if a bill endorsed Thursday by a Virginia Senate committee becomes law.

The Education and Health Committee voted 9-5 to send Sen. Brandon Bell’s bill to the Senate floor, where similar legislation narrowly passed last year only to die later in a House of Delegates subcommittee.

Bell, R-Roanoke, said the measure is needed to protect Virginians from the health hazards of secondhand smoke, which has been proven to cause cancer and other diseases.

“It is a powerful carcinogen,” said Dr. Antonio Longo, an Alexandria pulmonary specialist who was the only witness Bell brought before a committee that heard extensive testimony on the issue last year.

But not everyone in Virginia is caught up in the anti-smoking hysteria:

Christopher M. Savvides, owner of the Black Angus Restaurant in Virginia Beach, said he should be allowed to determine his own smoking policy.

“It’s not about smoking, it’s about my right as business to do what I need to do to attract customers,” Savvides said.

He said many restaurants have gone smoke-free voluntarily while others continue to accommodate smokers, providing plenty of options for Virginians no matter what their smoking preference.

Julia Hammond, a lobbyist for the Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association, emphasized the same point.

“The current system is working,” she said. “There are several different types of smoking environments for customers.”

Give people choices. What a radical concept.

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  • travis nosal

    I wish more ‘choice’ proponents would use the property rights argument. Fact is the restaurant (or other business) is someones private property, and everybody there is there by choice. Only the customers have any standing to bring pressure on the owner, and then only by going, or threatening to go, somewhere else.