John Edwards Has A New Blogger On Staff

Hit & Run is reporting on John Edwards’ new blogger, Amanda Marcotte. Some of you remember Amanda as the raving feminist* from Pandagon. Well, it seems that one of the earliest things Amanda has done after the announcement of her new position is to go back and delete a post where she jumped to conclusions about the Duke rape case.

Perhaps she should look further back in her history, to the blog Mouse Words. Before she got picked up by Pandagon, she made a name for herself on that blog. Back in the day, I was a very new blogger, and adopted the resident libertarian position, debating her.

But for those of you “right-wingers” like me (I include libertarians in that group because to a leftist like Amanda, anyone who doesn’t agree is a right-winger), you should know something about her. She thinks that those of us on the right are either evil or stupid. I got into it with her on this post at Mouse Words, dealing with creationism and public schools. It was then that I realized she divides right-leaning individuals into one of two groups, and as I pointed out at Unrepentant Individual at the time, she thinks I’m in the wrong one.

I’ve realized that to the left, there are two types of right-wingers: the stupid, and the evil. The evil is a very small, powerful group. Their goal is to find ways to destroy the country in such a way that it shores up their power, and makes them the ruling elite of the country. The stupid group is everyone else that votes Republican. They are pawns, too dim to understand that they are being manipulated by their evil string-pullers.

Now, I tried to defend myself and my right-wing brethren, and mentioned that we are not trying to destroy America as we know it. We have honestly weighed the policies, and believe that the policies that we are supporting are in the long-term interests of our nation as a whole. My frank response got me this:

“Brad, I don’t think you do. I think the people who want to be our evil overlords dump millions of dollars into right wing think tanks to come up with arguments that everyday folks think sound reasonable enough and then manufacture crisises so that everyday folks think that we have no choice but to implement the plans that the right wing think tanks come up with.”

Looks like I must have landed myself in the “stupid” group. Which undoubtedly has me a little angry. I don’t consider myself to be a slouch intellectually, and I’m enough of a skeptic to watch out when people are trying to exploit me. Despite my slight megalomania and delusions of grandeur, I’m not evil. The only explanation I have left is that they must be drugging my water.

This is the kind of mentality that we have to deal with from the left. Obviously our policies are absolutely atrocious, so to support them we must be evil or stupid.

So, if Amanda takes down her older old blog, remember one thing. If you don’t agree with her, she thinks you’re evil, or you’re stupid. And if the folks at Hit & Run are right, she really thinks you’re stupid, because she thinks she can just remove her previous words and they’ll go away. As they ask, hasn’t she ever heard of Google Cache or the Wayback Machine? And she thinks I’m the daft one?

* By “raving feminist”, I’m not saying she’s in favor of empowering women, which is a cause I’m fully in support of. I’m saying she’s the type who thinks that a penis is a weapon, and probably wouldn’t object to a policy of forced castration.

  • Kevin

    I’ve gone back and forth with this twit on my old blog sometime last year over abortion in South Dakota. She got offended that not enough people were having them in that state. I simply illustrated that it was a matter of supply and demand.

  • Dana

    Destroy America as we know it? By adhering to our founding principles and questioning bigger government?

    I must be in the stupid group, because I don’t quite get it.

  • Robert

    I have created a compilation of some of Amanda’s interesting viewpoints here.

  • Rammage

    Brad wrote:
    “The only explanation I have left is that they must be drugging my water.”

    That’s why I only drink distilled water and pure grain alcohol. I, for one, will not idly sit by why the evil right-wing conspires to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

    On a more serious note, I’ve been having immense fun this morning by going through and reading Marcotte’s old posts on Mouse Words. You can’t buy comedy like that. But then, those of us in the stupid right-wing group are easily amused.

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  • lynp

    Brad at 1:56 That is exactly how I feel. This crass, foul mouthed, poor bad writer is a laugh, as are her supporters. She Showed her stupidity in print, which is really dumb. However, the cussing is tiresome. People who write dirty words never seem to realize how it interfers with their point. I stumbled on her blog from DIW – won’t be back. Of course, it reflects badly on Edwards judgement. I was not going to support him anyway. When I wrote that I was supporting Rudy or McCain, her crowd wanted me hung in their public square. I wish other people could see the humor in the rants.