An Open Challenge To The Victory Caucus

The Democrats’s meaningless anti-surge resolution passed the House on a near party-line vote. One of the groups formed to fight the anti-surge resolution is the Victory Caucus, a group that includes in its leadership Hugh Hewitt, Austin Bay, Ed Morrissey, and former Assistant Secretary of Defence Frank Gaffney. Their overall goal is to support victory in the War on Terror and Iraq, which most Americans do not disagree with. However, they fail to define what victory is.

Before I issue my challenge to the bloggers of the Victory Caucus, let me lay out my position on Iraq.

-I have always been a skeptical supporter of the invasion of Iraq and eventually moved to support it because of the Iraqi government’s suspected ties to terrorism and terrorist organizations. I do not know if the Iraq War was a just war or the right war at the right time, I’ll leave that to historians.

-I define victory in Iraq as a stable, self-governing nation or set of nations (I don’t rule out partition as the final answer) that is not a state sponsor of terrorism.

-I oppose the surge because American troops should not be taking the lead in resolving Iraq’s civil war or sectarian violence. Instead, the primary missions of American troops should be securing the borders, combatting al-Qaeda in Anbar province, and training the Iraqi security forces. However, American troops should continue to provide heavy weapons and air support to Iraqi troops until they can develop their own capabilities.

-I do not support the resolution passed in the House today, nor do I support a resolution that would defund the surge or tie funding to other changes in tactics. The president and the military commanders should have the flexibility to deploy the military in a Congressionally authorized war to the tactics they feel are necessary. I do not favor immediate withdrawal, however I do support benchmarks to measure Iraqi progress in achieving goals in security, reconstruction, government, and other areas.

Now to my challenge:

1) Are those who favor victory but oppose the current tactics employed defeatists as well?

2) What is your vision of victory in Iraq?

3) Do you believe that the surge will allow the pro-Iranian Shi’ite militias to lie low and rearm and reequip for when the extra Americans do leave, they can go back to butchering Sunnis and other acts of general mayhem?

I urge our readers and my fellow contributors to also take a stab at this challenge and comment on it in the comments section.

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  • Jason Pye

    Gaffney is the guy that was on Bullshit! that wants to sacrifice liberty for security.

    You have a better chance of being struck by lighting than killed in a terrorist attack!

  • Jason Pye

    I propose an amendment to the Constitution to ban the redefinition of victory. It’s a sacred institution.

  • Kevin

    Gaffney has also been caught in the past week making up quotes from Abraham Lincoln that accuse anti-war Congressmen of treason.

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