Virgil Goode Is A Dumbass

Congressman Virgil Goode (R-Virginia) has done it again. He made another dumbass comment about Muslims. From his speech, against the anti-surge resolution:

“In now way do I want to comfort and encourage the radical Muslims that want to destroy our country and who want to wipe the so called infidels like myself and many of you from the face of the earth. In no way do I want to aid and assist the Islamic jihadists who want the green flag of the crescent and star to wave over the Capital of the United States and the White House of this country. I fear that radical Muslims, who want to control the Middle East and ultimately the world, would love to see “in God we trust” stricken from our money and replaced with “in Muhammad we trust.”

The dumbass quote is the last sentence about our money. If Virgil Goode knew anything about Islam, he would know that Muhammad is merely a prophet in Islam, not God. Also, I’m sure the Islamofascists would like to bomb subways, buses, or any other target before joining the (cue scary music) evil secular progressive crusade to outlaw Christanity.

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  • Rajan N. Tewari

    I like virgil goode, and I think he was dead on with his description of the goals of the muslim, and if you dont agree with him, then i think you are ignorant of the past 1400 hundred years of the history of violence of Islam. Don’t ever speak negative about Mr. Goode again, or we will come looking for you.

  • Abdul Al-Salaam

    Sir, you fail to realize the good Muslims have done, and the fact that you point to something that does not exists. Virgil Goode is, as many of my fellow Texans would say, “nuttin’ more than a two bit ignant hick”, which loosely translates to the lowest of insults to the human species. This man is the pure embodiment of what America will become if we don’t change course and educate ourselves NOW. When have Muslims become violent? The conquests of India? Peaceful. The Crusades? Saladhin was considered honorable enough to not be in Dante’s hell. The past 50 years since the establishment of Israel and US “interventions” has caused gross ignorance in the Middle East, thus causing the violence we now are claiming to stop.

    And the starter, Kevin? You must continue to rock on, brother (even if you aren’t a Muslim, you are the kind of person I call that).

  • Federalist Publishing

    Yeah right, muslims have been killing people for years, you are living in a dream world, I’m looking forward when they muslims come together and try to throw over our government, because we have alot of guns, And we will destroy the army’s of the Church of Satan, I am thankful that we have leadership like the honorable Virgil Goode, I with Goode, 100&.

  • Kevin

    Don’t ever speak negative about Mr. Goode again, or we will come looking for you.

    Federalist Publishing, Rajan or whatever the hell your name is, I don’t take kindly to threats.

  • Gary Miller

    Congressman Goode is my Rep. I vote for him every time he comes up for re-election. I’ll continue to vote for him because he and I agree on most issues including Islamic fascists and illegal immigration. They come here to destroy our way of life. Remember the religion of peace aka: Islam said nothing after 9/11. In fact I’ll not soon forget them dancing in the streets as the towers fell.

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