Oh…the hypocrisy

Who said the following?:

I wholeheartedly support withholding funds… Although it is a drastic step and ties the President’s hands, I do not feel like we have any other choice. The President has tied our hands, gone against the wishes of the American people, and this is the last best way I know how to show my respect for our American servicemen and women. They are helpless, following orders.

Thirty years ago when I was sent to Vietnam in a similar situation, Vietnam started out as a peace type mission, no defined goal, no exit strategy, no idea whose side we were on, and a created incident to gain support of the Congress. A peacekeeping mission? Come on. Does this not sound just like a carbon copy? I think it is.

You are probably thinking that it’s some ultra-leftist liberal douche bag, right? Nope. These are the words of Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX), a staunch supporter of the Iraq war. These words come a 1995 speech when Johnson was speaking out against Clinton sending troops to Bosnia.