Medical Marijuana Group Sues U.S. Government

A medical marijuana advocacy group in California has sued the Federal Government over statements by two federal agencies denying the medical benefits of smoking marijuana:

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21 – Frustrated by government policy and inaction, a group of advocates for medical marijuana sued two federal health agencies on Wednesday over the assertion that smoking it has no medical benefit.

The group, Americans for Safe Access, a nonprofit organization based in Oakland, filed the lawsuit in Federal District Court, challenging the government’s position that marijuana, “has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.”

In its lawsuit, the group contends that federal regulators have publicly issued “false and misleading statements” about the medical benefits of marijuana.

The lawsuit, which named the Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration, seeks a court order to retract and correct statements that the group called, “incorrect, dishonest and a flagrant violation of laws.”

In other words, standard operating procedure in the War On (Some) Drugs. There are many things about the War On (Some) Drugs that are despicable, but chief among them is the fact that the government continues deny people who are sick medication that could actually alleviate their pain.