Democrat Congress — BFF With Venezuela

Alright, first things first. I know Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is a moonbat of the highest level.

But this is still a bit odd:

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat, told reporters that she was making the first U.S. congressional visit to Venezuela since President Hugo Chavez’s December re-election with the message: “I want an immediate repairing of the relations between the United States and Venezuela.”

Jackson Lee described Venezuela as a friendly nation that the U.S. should cooperate with and said that the F-16 jets, which are built in Texas, was an issue of concern to her constituents in Houston.

Friendly nation? Hugo Chavez is far from friendly to the US. In fact, the only people he shows more dislike to than the US are his own people, but that won’t be evident for another few years, when Venezuela starts looking even more like Zimbabwe.

But I wonder how many of Lee’s Democrat cohorts were happy to see a quote like this?

But she added that her fact-finding mission to Venezuela was part of an effort by a new Democrat-controlled Congress to show that “Venezuela has many friends in this new Congress.”

Apparently Rep. Lee doesn’t understand that the Democrats weren’t elected to institute Venezuela-style socialism, they were elected because the Republicans were acting like power-mad nanny-state theocrats, rather than the small-government folks they promised to be. Getting buddy-buddy with someone like Hugo won’t endear you to anyone but the hard left, and will cause the moderates to jump ship like the Titanic.

Hat Tip: No Angst Zone

  • Palomudo

    Chavez is not an enemy of the USA, He is an enemy of Bush (not the only one by the way) but you guys are paid by your masters to mis-inform and brainwash the american public. Everytime someone complains about Bushes or Israel’s crimes the newspapers go around publishing crap like this one acusing people of being anti-american or anti-semite, no wonder the media owners control the US government

  • GWEH

    Chavez IS an enemy of the US… read and learn Palomundo. Checkout

  • Palomudo


    I know this site and the Venezuelan media very well. The people who run these sites have lost all their previleges and are desperate for power.

    The US government is hated worldwide by the crimes they have and continue to commit, this doesn’t mean the US citizens are, this is what your government make you believe, they control the media and lie to you every day.

    Clear examples are the lies of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the self inflicted 911 bombing blame on al qaida(not a conspiracy theory when a bulding (#7) that was not hit by anything collapses in less than 10 seconds).

    Sooner or later you will see the Bush Admin collapse and all the dirt come out.