Penn & Teller On The War On Drugs

Courtesy of YouTube, we have access to this great Penn & Teller Showtime documentary that tears apart the logic of the War On (Some) Drugs. Each part is long (9 minutes each at least) and contains NSFW profanity, so be warned.

Here’s Part One:

Parts Two and Three are below the fold:

Part Two:

Part Three:

  • Dom

    video #2 is screwed up, fix it i’d like to finish watching

  • Brad Warbiany


    I’ve found occasionally that if you pause it when it first starts playing, allowing it to buffer completely through, it might allow it to work. Alternatively you can head directly to the YouTube site to see if it’s better over there. We have no control over the video from here, it’s just embedded from YouTube’s site.

  • Nick

    That’s just some good shit.