Ron Paul In New Hampshire

The Manchester Union-Leader has an article today about Ron Paul’s visit to the home of the nation’s first primary:

Paul – who had been in New Hampshire since Thursday – found himself treated like a rock star at yesterday’s event, and a couple of hundred people were on hand to hear him speak at the Free State Project’s New Hampshire Liberty Forum. About half the 350 people who attended the days-long conference, at the Holiday Inn on North Main Street, were from New Hampshire, organizers said.

Paul, who received a standing ovation before and after his remarks, touched on many points during his address. For instance, he noted his long-standing opposition to the war in Iraq, which he said stemmed from his belief there was no security threat to America and the vote authorizing the war represented an illegal transfer of power to the president. He also called for the United States to withdraw from Iraq.

“The worst thing that could happen to al-Qaeda is for that war to end,” Paul said.

Among other issues, Paul also voiced support for abandoning the war on drugs, allowing gold and silver to serve as legal tender, repealing the Seventeenth Amendment  ” which lets voters directly elect U.S. Senators ” and ending the practice of withholding taxes from one’s pay. Instead, taxpayers would have to actually write checks to pay their taxes, a move Paul figured would soon end what he called the present tax-and-spend philosophy of government.

If there is one state where Paul’s message could resonate it’s New Hampshire. The question is whether he’d be able to get himself heard above the media blitz sure to be unleashed by the likes of McCain, Giuliani, and Romney.

  • Jane

    US Congressman Ron Paul wows crowd of 150 in NH
    Pembroke, New Hampshire
    Saturday, February 24, 2007

    US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul was still receiving applause as he walked out the door of a private home in Pembroke, NH on Saturday evening after speaking to 150 supporters who donated over $14,000 to seed his bid for the presidency. Paul arrived at 9 PM and stayed to mingle with the adoring crowd until 11:30 PM as they drank coffee and dipped fruit from a large arrangement into a chocolate fountain.

    While visiting New Hampshire on a presidential exploratory trip, he also appeared at the NH Liberty Forum in Concord, where he had been endorsed for the presidency on the Friday evening before by former Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik.

    Paul’s speech at the private reception, which was recorded professionally by California filmmaker Bill Dumas, centered around the financial state of the country, the war in Iraq, and the limited roll of government, and was met with long bouts of applause by the standing-room only crowd.

    Supporters believe that Paul’s message can unite fiscal conservatives, republicans, libertarians, constitutionalists, and others who are disillusioned with the direction in which the country is headed, in the cause of less government and reasonable spending and on getting the country back on track with regard to foreign policy.


    US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul has breakfast in NH
    Manchester, NH
    Saturday, February 24th, 2007

    Note: The Coalition of NH Taxpayers, NH’s largest taxpayer advocacy and government watchdog group, likes to meet one-on-one with candidates and those exploring the possibility of becoming candidates and endeavors to introduce them to the people in the ‘grassroots’. Ed Naile is their Chairman and he had breakfast with US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul on Saturday morning. Dr. Paul was in NH appearing at the NH Liberty Forum in Concord where he gave the closing speech on Sunday the 25th.

    Ed writes:

    I had about an hour and a half breakfast with Texas Congressman Ron Paul at the Merrimack Diner in Manchester yesterday morning. Some old friends from past campaigns were there as well. About a dozen of us. No press.

    Congressman Ron Paul is legendary among many libertarian-leaning Republican conservatives and libertarians in general. He is a living, breathing, elected, example of what our Founding Fathers had in mind for limited government. From speaking with him I think he realizes that the march FORWARD to the time in our past when US citizens had so much more freedom is going to be long one.

    He seems to agree with what I believe could be the starting point of that return to less government, and that would be a financial crisis created by our dependence on foreign banks to float our economy. Many voters pay little attention to our dollar’s value. The ones that do pay close attention to Congressman Paul.

    Later in the day he was shown a grand evening at a private residence with about 150 people attending. It was set up with the help of one of our CNHT Directors. You won’t see much in the press about it, but 150 is quite a large crowd for a Congressman this early in the campaign. Enough to make some of his issues part of the debate on the Republican side, I would say.

    Here are some of his core principals:

    – Rights belong to individuals, not groups.
    – Property should be owned by people, not government.
    – All voluntary associations should be permissible — economic and social.
    – The government’s monetary role is to maintain the integrity of the monetary unit, not participate in fraud.
    – Government exists to protect liberty, not to redistribute wealth or to grant special privileges.
    – The lives and actions of people are their own responsibility, not the government’s.

    Congressman Ron Paul is also pro-life and pro-family. Note that is pro-life stand includes ending capital punishment and unnecessary war.

    He is for returning to the gold standard.

    100% tax fighter! He gets awards consistently from national groups for his anti-tax/big government votes.

    Congressman Paul holds an anti-intervention view of foreign military involvement with a provision for hunting down and dealing with terrorists on an individual level.

    He is not your average US Congressman by any standard, and a close look at his votes will always stir an interesting debate.

    Note: This is not an official Ron Paul press release but news from NH grassroots supporters.

  • bill huffy

    The next president:
    Here is something to think long and hard about.

    The next president is going to deprive a criminal network of billionaire mass-murderer war-profiteers of hundreds of billions of dollars and these fat cats are not going to like it…

    these are fat cats who own Congress, fat cats who own the media, fat cats who head international organized crime, fat cats who control the CIA, Mossad, MI6 as their private organizations;

    fat cats who have, in addition, armies of their own, secret agents of their own, and their own special forces;

    fat cats who control the monetary system and who are the creditors holding the IOUs of the federal government and are owed the debt of every household, state, country and municipal government in this country;

    fat cats who are masters of unspeakable power;

    fat cats used to having their way and being immune to law or any moral authority — remember these fat cats coldly conducted the Sept. 11, 2001 false-flag attack to get the wars they wanted and the police-state power they wanted.

    The next president knows that both he and the men he picks to join his administration will be marked men.

    Never forget that if multi-billionaire fat cats want someone dead they can, without much pain at all, pay thousands of people a million or two million dollars each, one to kill that person – and the rest to make sure that everyone, including family and friends and police force and journalists, forgets all about it.

  • Doug Mataconis


    So you honestly believe that 9/11 was an inside job?

    Does the fact that Osama bin Laden has claimed credit for the attacks on more than one occasion over the past five years mean nothing to you ?

  • Margie

    Thanks so much for your coverage of what happened in New Hampshire. It is hard for us down in Texas to get such news here. It sounds like a great time was enjoyed by all. Now all we have to do is convert that enthusisiam to support (dollars) and votes! As I see it, since there is no anointed candidate for president in either party for the first time in a long time, if all the freedom loving citizens get behind Congressman Ron Paul who is a “proven product” as a defender of our Constitution and advocate of personal liberty, we can elect a true representative of the people. The question is not is Congressman Paul up to the job, the question is….are we up to the job, to make it happen! Thanks again, I’ll visit here ofter and share your address with friends. Margie

  • Kevin


    Unfortunately, Ron Paul will be seen as an eccentric and not a serious candidate. While the opposition to the Iraq War will probably hurt him less than expected considering that anywhere from 1/3 to a half of the Republican party is opposed to the war now, Paul’s paranoid moonbat positions on issues like the gold standard, combined with his isolationist stance on foreign affairs will make it hard for the average Republican voter to take him seriously.

    Also, loony supporters like “bill huffy” and appearances on the Alex Jones radio show and various Aaron Russo documentaries don’t help matters either.

  • tarran

    honestly, I find it puzzling how support for the gold standard is a “moonbat” position.

    Commodity or hard money is generally the money chosen by people through he action of the free market.

    Fiat money usually is imposed by a political authority at gunpoint. The U.S. did not go off the gold standard out of economic necessity so much as to protect the bankrupt Federal Reserve System from collapsing in the Great Depression. It was a political decision made to make the U.S. taxpayer bail out a politically connected cartel, and much of the theory justifying it cropped up as after-the-fact rationalizations. People who recognize the rent-seeking built into the Agriculture Dept or the Energy Dept seem to be oblivious to the rent seeking that led to abandoning the gold standard.

    If the U.S. were to suddenly announce that it would no longer demand dollars in payment of taxes, and the Saudi government were to announce that they would accept payment in multiple currencies for oil (instead of dollars as they now do), I suspect the purchasing power of Federal Reserve Notes would rapidly plummet to 0.

    If, on the other hand, The dollar was still defined as 1/20th an ounce of gold, those events
    were to occur, it would probably have a minimal effect on the purchasing power of a dollar.

    Personally, I am not comfortable with the government even imposing a gold standard, since I think the market should determine what constitutes “money” and what does not.

    I encourage everyone to read De Soto’s treatise on monetary systems:

  • Kevin


    The gold standard is considered a moonbat position because it is characteristically, a fringe position of the American electorate. 90% of Americans do not even know what the gold standard and the Federal Reserve nor do they care for starters. Most of the supporters of the gold standard are believers in the myth of the privately owned Federal Reserve, New World Order, and other conspiracy theories. Not to mention the serious arguments to be made against it, for example there is not enough gold in the world to back enough currency to fill the demand.

    Personally, I’m for Walter Williams’s suggestion; replace the Federal Reserve board with a supercomputer.

    If, on the other hand, The dollar was still defined as 1/20th an ounce of gold, those events
    were to occur, it would probably have a minimal effect on the purchasing power of a dollar.

    What gives gold its value?

    Personally, I am not comfortable with the government even imposing a gold standard, since I think the market should determine what constitutes “money” and what does not.

    While I am sympathetic to this argument, the only way I see anything like this happening is on the local level with a combination of locally issued currencies, banknotes, other private currencies, and the national currency. There will be a national currency because the government will always demand one currency for the sake of logistics and simplicity and most of all for the sake of power for the payment of taxes. Of course, the last statement is irrelevant for anarcho-capitalist; but then again, I’m not one.

  • tarran


    Before I answer your question, I have one for you… How do you do that quote thingy? I have found html tags not to work, and I would love to make my posts more readable. :)

    You asked, what gives gold its value? Space and time prohibit me from comprehensively answerign your question, but the short answer is that it is based on two forms of demand. One form of demand is the demand to use gold as a consumable good (to make jewelry, that foil in that weird sake drink, space-suit visor liners etc. The other demand is based on its predicted usefulness as a trade good for something else that people want to consume.

    Let us get away from gold for a second. There have been economies in the past, where ax-heads were used as money. The ax-head was durable, and since there was a pretty stable demand for them, people were comfortable in using them for trade. People who did not need another ax-head to chop down trees would accept them, because they were confident that tomorrow, they could trade one for something they did want.

    Now, why do people value gold highly and lead not so highly, despite their very similar properties? Well, an individual’s valuation for gold in relation to lead is purely subjective. My neighbor might think that lead is the bees knees and think that gold has a disgusting color and would happily trade two pounds of gold for one ounce of lead. On the other hand my wife would probably be disgusted by lead jewelry and think one ounce of gold worth two pounds of lead. Both valuations are valid.

    The market price arises out of the interaction of the supply of lead and gold, and the varying demand scales of all the individuals trading lead and gold back and forth.

    The divisibility, durability, scarcity and homogeneity of gold make it useful as a form of money. However, I’m sure that there are other materials that share these qualities that are not in great demand. For some reason, people like gold enough that even the people who don’t care for it are confident that they can find other people that will accept gold in exchange for stuff the first group does want.

    I want to take a second to comment on your last paragraph. The imposition of a monetary system by decree is dangerous. Imagine that we went back to a gold standard, with the U.S. mint minting gold and silver coins. Then along comes some clever physicist who comes up with a way to transmute lead into gold. Now, gold becomes a crummy form of money, since the supply is dramatically expanded. In a free money system (freedom as in speech, not beer), people will abandon gold quickly and switch to using something else which is more scarce and not prone to inflation. But if the government by decree forces people to continue doing business in gold, You get rampant inflation with all its ills.

  • Jane

    Thanks Margie! Please check the Ron Paul Resource link over at the forum…

  • Kevin


    First, here’s how you do the quote thingy:

    < blockquote > < i > text you want to quote < / i > < / blockquote >.

    Just take out all the spaces :)

    Second, basically the answer I was looking for is that we give it value. Gold, like Federal Reserve Notes, or hell anything else for that matter, only has value in the eye of the beholder. We use paper money because we believe it is valueable because it is backed up the force of government. If you and I got together and started using printing our own currency or agreed on another medium of trade for doing business with each other, we would consider it valuable to us; however, if we went to the neighbor’s house to buy his car with our currency or a bunch of gold coins, he would laugh at us because gold or the homemade money is not as valuable to him as the Federal Reserve Notes.

    Value is truly in the eye of the beholder.

  • Jane


    ***CPAC Event: Omni Shoreham Hotel — 2500 Calvert Street, NW — Washington, DC — in Congressional Room A this Thursday March 1, from 6 to 8 pm

    ***There will be a debate on 4/4/2007 in NH at St Anselm’s College and those of you out of state will just have to wait for the video. Those of you in NH or surrounding states closeby can attend and hold signs. We want to get 500 people there.

  • Eric Dondero

    It’s not his support for the Gold Standard that’s the “moonbat” position, rather it’s his opposition to the War on Islamo-Fascism. This is a guy who represents a SOUTH TEXAS DISTRICT!! Our CD practically borders Mexico.

    And he could care less. He’s perfectly fine with cuttin’ and runnin’ in Iraq, and inviting the Islamo-Fascists to attack us on our Border with Mexico, lobbing scud missles across from Matamoros, Juarez and TJ at our major cities.

    That’s the moonbat position. Why anyone in their right mind would prefer fighting Islamo-Fascism here on our home turf instead of in Western Iraq, is beyond me?

    Supporting the Gold Standard is downright mainstream for Ron Paul compared to his nutty extremist Leftwing Post-9/11 foreign policy views.

    Eric Dondero, Fmr. Senior Aide
    US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)
    1997 – 2003

  • Kevin


    The biggest problem with your objections is of course the Mexico analogy. Last time I checked, Mexico was a Catholic country and an ally of the United States. I doubt we’ll be seeing Scuds from Matamoros, Juarez, and Tijuana any time soon.

  • tarran

    Eric sweetie,

    Where are the “islamofascists” going to get the scuds?

    Where are they going to manufacture them?

    How are they going to get them across the ocean?

    How are they going to transport them into the mountains of mexico?

    I hope that Giuliani’s payments are sufficient to cover your tarnished reputation, because your rants about “islamofascists” make you look like a blithering fool.

    If, on the other hand, you sincerely believe in your incoherent world-view, then I have to wonder if Dr Paul is worth supporting since he hired someone as moonbatty as you for a position of responsibility.

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