Illegal Immigration And The GOP’s Descent Into Statism

Former Georgia Congressman, and former Republican, Bob Barr writes in today’s Washington Times that the the emerging Republican position on immigration is another indication of it’s descent into big government statism:

When word surfaced recently that some banks, such as Bank of America, were allowing individuals to open accounts, apply for credit cards and obtain home mortgages even though they did not possess a Social Security number, it was not Big Government Liberals who rose up in arms to stop “greedy” financial institutions from offering such services. It was Small Government Republicans, like Colorado’s Tom Tancredo and Californians Ed Royce and John Doolittle, who waxed indignant that banks engaged in such a free market activity as extending credit to someone who proved creditworthy but did not have a Social Security number.

The reason for this strange behavior by otherwise conservative Republicans? Illegal immigration. From fear that allowing banks to continue engaging in commercial transactions such as extending credit to persons without Social Security numbers encourages illegal immigration, conservative Republicans have introduced legislation prohibiting financial institutions from extending mortgages to anyone who cannot establish their bona fides by producing a valid Social Security number. Some apparently go so far as to consider prohibiting banks from even issuing credit cards to such individuals.

Thus is being writ another chapter in the long and unfortunate march of the Republican Party to the pinnacle of Big Government; a march that figured prominently in the party’s 2006 electoral losses but which continues seemingly unabated in the new, 110th Congress.

As Barr points out, the same logic that Tancredo and his associates are applying to their call to prohibit banks from freely entering into contracts with their customers can be applied in any number of situations:

 Where, for example, will the mandates they seek — forcing businesses to determine if a person is in this country lawfully before extending credit or selling a product for which that person is otherwise eligible — be next applied? Will a bill be introduced that prohibits automobile dealers from selling a motor vehicle to anyone who cannot produce a valid Social Security card? Will landlords be forced to rent their property only to those who possess a Social Security card? Would it not make just as much sense for these advocates to require presentation of a Social Security card prior to bedding down for the night at a local Marriott?

    Moreover, this same philosophy could be just as consistently applied were Congress to prohibit banks from facilitating other “criminal behavior.” Why not, for example, prohibit banks from extending credit to persons who might be in violation of other laws, such as the multifaceted antidrug laws in this country, or whose behavior runs counter to sex-related laws still on the books? Or — and this might hit too close to home to be championed by lawmakers — should not the federal government move to stop individuals who violate federal campaign laws from obtaining credit; because, after all, doing so simply encourages further unlawful behavior?

The answer to that question, of course, is who knows. As demonstrated by the proposals put forward by Tancredo and his supporters, and by the manner in which the leadership and the White House governed in the period from 2001-2006, it is fairly clear that the era of the GOP as a party of small government is, if not over, seriously in danger of coming to an end.

  • Lew

    Anything, anything at all that will reduce the inflow of illegal immigrants, including tar and feathers and riding them across the border on a rail, should be pursued with vigor. This must stop, and it must stop right now. Greed — greed of businessmen for cheap labor and big profits, greed of politicians for votes and more power, greed of money merchants for easy money by seducing the improvident into the incredibly high interest rates burdening them the expensive interest rates — must be stifled. Lew Warden

  • TLS

    Bank of America has become Bank of Amigos!
    Boycott them and all the other banks that aid and abet illegals. Thes people have broken the law for crying out loud!

  • Brad Warbiany

    Notice you don’t see politicians trying to ban their contributions to political campaigns :-)

  • Don Campbell

    Everything possible must be done to stop illegal immigration. Everythimg!The Heritage Foundation predicts that by legalizing aliens we will open the door to 120 million more over the next 10 to 20 years, which will break the nation.

  • William Gebrosky

    I want a person like Tom Tancredo for our next President. The Republicans did not loose their seats because they were against ILLEGAL immigrants. they lost because they were for the liberal amnasty open borders coming from the Bush camp. I voted for Bush twice and now I am ready to lead in a Bush Impeachment trial. http://www.StopTheSpp.US

  • Doug Mataconis


    There were many reasons the GOP lost power in November. I would submit that illegal immigration as an issue played a very small role.

  • Fernando

    Come on (anti) immigration guys! Try harder to kick, bash, and insult all immigrants, legal or illegal. Hopefully our beloved USA will survive the harsh reality of a changing world. Haven’t anyone of you noticed that we are becoming an isolated nation?. We are still the toughest nation as of now, (thanks to our military’s might) maybe not in the coming years. You guys are making this happen. Those of you who knows nothing about banking, stop talking about it. Bank of America is not only in the USA, it has branches scattered all over the world. Are you going to require other nations nationals to provide US SSS? What a shame. A BoA, Citi, or any other card from overseas can be used anywhere, and terrorists could have already used it a long time ago. They are not that stupid as you think they are, and you guys who are making a lot of noise about it are showing americans are dumber than them.
    Let’s talk about jobs being exported overseas. Its a simple question Grade 10 students will understand, (not to the distorted brains of think tanks in the media and their disciples who says Amen to every anti immigrant word they profess). If you put up a business, are you not supposed to gain money in exchange for your investments and efforts? You call them greedy, are you not? You enjoy eating fresh food but you don’t want the farmer who toiled it for you. You want the best clothing, apparels and anything you use daily but you hate the workers who made it possible for you. You say the illegals are criminals, drug smugglers and identity thieves, are you sure? Identity thieves are classified two ways, the first one will get everything from you,(these are the real criminals and should be hanged, most of them american bred con artists) the second group of thieves will most likely give more to you through SSS contributions, ensuring you a higher and earlier retirement. You complain that these people inundate our healthcare , education, and blah blah etc.? Let us accept the fact that american citizens in the lower social standings in life pay taxes formally, but in reality they are refunding more than what they have paid for. To sum it up, taxpayers are paying them for not working as hard as others. On the other hand, the illegals pay taxes and Social Security contributions without asking anything. They don’t go to hospitals for fear of being caught unless they think they are going to drop dead. WHAT IN THE WORLD is happening in the USA?. Where did the media got their statistics? What is happening to American democracy? Looks like the majority are losing to the distorted mono coco hardened brains of a few -triggered by the media distortionists.
    Instead of talking nonsense, find a means to solve the problem. I might not be as good as you people, but I will share mine.
    The best my pea brains can think of is to provide infrastructure in the border, not fences. This will be used primarily by big companies to build their plants, offices, and anything related to businesses, for local or export products. States along the border will regulate their own salary scales which would be higher than that of Mexico’s, and lower than the US wages until Mexico’s economy will improve. By doing this, all products are to be a joint manufacture of both countries, both will gain economically. Since production costs will be low, exports will be very competitive due to proximity of the South American market. It will be a great advantage due to freight costs, which will offset China’s rock bottom wages. American made products are still being sought by most countries particularly in Asia but to this date US products are scarce. Most countries still believe in the quality of our products, let’s not wait until China perfects theirs. The government can then afford to tax American companies more in China and offer tax breaks for those willing to start shop in the border. The Feds will then screen all illegals who don’t have steady jobs, send them to the border to work (not deport)legally on shops. Mind you, very few illegals will proceed north, they will all end up in the border. This will solve the illegal problem, America will still be a nation of Immigrants, a nation of laws, and a democracy champion.
    I got more, but this , I think will solve illegal immigration. At least I used my brains.

  • Peter Gadiel

    Those of you who actually believe that American banks should become co-conspirators in the illegal alien smuggling business would show their commitment to their principles by doing their best to become victims of some of the many violent acts committed by illegal aliens each day.
    As president of 9/11 Families for a Secure America I can safely say that our members, who lost family members in the 9/11 attacks or who have been victimized by crimes committed by illegals, are opposed to transforming the noble concept of laissez faire into a suicide pact

  • uhm

    The illegal aliens that I’ve met are nice people but it still doesn’t stop the fact that they are here illegally and depressing the wages of low skilled Americans. Then there are a few bad seeds that do crime and get away with it if they manage to get back to Mexico without being apprehended. We have latino gangs now in many cities in the US.

    I think the way to solve illegal immigration is to enforce the immigration laws. If illegal aliens have a hard time finding a job they will leave. The employers should be punished for breaking the law. Illegal aliens need to deal with the corruption at home instead of protesting up here.

    I would be for amnesty but that has already been used. The federal government showed it’s true colors and did not enforce the law. How would the US government prove to me that they are serious this time? We have illegal aliens who have settled in and have families here. How can an American trust a government such as what ours has become to do the right thing for Americans? Politicians have no morals. They will do anything for money. They are prostitutes. I’d prefer to allow established families to stay but the crooks in Washington fooled us once already (shame on them) but fool us twice?

    I’m against a guest worker program. I guess to a poor illegal alien it looks great but they are being exploited. A legal immigrant or American citizen has to compete against slave labor. People have a hard time providing for their family at slave labor prices.

  • http://na Wesley Franklin

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