Arizona Set To Torpedo REAL ID Act

It’s looking like Arizona is getting ready to join Washington and Maine and strike yet another blow against the ill-conceived REAL ID Act:

The state Senate is poised to approve a bill to bar Arizona from participating in a federal program that would create a standardized national identification card.

The move comes as the federal Real ID Act is getting strong resistance from states nationwide. Earlier this week, the Washington state Senate voted to delay participation in the program pending more-specific guidelines, and last week, the federal Homeland Security Department announced it would delay its effective date for two years, to the end of 2009.

In Arizona, Senate Bill 1152 would prevent the state from taking part in the national standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards.

Go Arizona !

H/T: David Weigel

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  • Richard Hueftle

    I have concerns about the REAL-ID act that is to take affect in May of 2008. Does the government really expect senior citizens, 60, 70, 80 (or more) years of age, to stand in long DMV lines and PROVE that they are citizens. Many of our older population cannot tolerate such an endeavor just to secure an ID that they will need in order to do any banking, driving to the doctors and the food stores. These people have already proven their citizenship by either receiving social security benefits and/or have obtained security clearances in their working years. To ask these individuals to prove that they are citizens at this stage of their lives is a direct slap in the face and is just plain ridicules, also actually redundant. The REAL ID act should be repealed or amended with some common sense so that people at this stage of life are not so grossly inconvenienced.