Another Nail In The Coffin For RealID

It looks like the Show-Me State is getting ready to join the growing coalition of states rejecting the RealID idea:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri House overwhelmingly voted Thursday to refuse to follow a federal law setting national standards for driver’s licenses.

The federal Real ID Act passed in 2005 after officials learned that some of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists had obtained legitimate driver’s licenses. The law will link state records to a national database and set standard state licensing rules.

Supporters say the standards are needed to prevent terrorists and illegal immigrants from getting fake identification cards.

Rep. Jim Guest said the federal law is an invasion of privacy and could cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars to comply. He worries that a provision requiring licenses to contain ‘‘common machine readable technology’’ could result in a Big Brother kind of system with the government able to track a person’s every move through a computer chip.

‘‘We must not lose what this nation was founded upon,’’ said Guest, R-King City. ‘‘The Real ID Act is a direct frontal assault on our freedoms.’’

I’m not sure that any opponent of RealID has put the issue as succintly and simply as Representative Guest did in that quote. All one needs to do is look at what’s going on in Great Britain as Brad reported earlier today to see what the future will be like with a National ID card.

It’s time to stand up and say no.

  • Jason

    Montana passed two bills in the House of Representatives 100-0 to deny the realid act.

  • Jeffrey Henderson

    Too bad I live in California, the socialist idiots here love it.

  • tkc

    I got bad news for you. You already have an ID number. Mine is of the form XXX-XX-XXXX.
    You probably have yours memorized because you need it for all matter of things, none of which is directly related to the original reason you were given this ID number: Social Security.

    So yes, the RealID is bad idea. But it is not exaclty a new one.

  • Craig

    “Rep. Jim Guest said the federal law is an invasion of privacy and could cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars to comply.”

    An invasion of privacy and costs of compliance are excuses to break the law? Wow. Filing a state tax return is an invasion of privacy, and it costs money to comply, too.

    Should the idiots in my particular state decide to disobey the Real ID law, I will be mailing in my state tax return and property tax assessment with what, I’m sure, will be a similar quote on why I can disobey the law.

    The goons in my state legislature already think it’s OK to break the federal law by giving illegals in state tuition at our universities.

  • Brad Warbiany


    I fully agree. I also view the income tax as an illegitimate invasion of privacy, and find the cost in time and money to comply with it appalling. If you choose to fight it, you have my moral support.

  • Craig


    If you wanna fight the income tax and all the other invasions of privacy by our government, be my guest. My point is that we’ve already sacrificed our privacy to the Leviathan, we might as well take advantage of it and allow the government to use the information it has to fight illegal immigration. What use is an ID, anyway, if you can’t be sure that it’s valid?

    Many of the folks opposed to Real ID are just shills for open borders. Since when have Democrats been opposed to federal supremacy?

    If, however, my state government decides (again!) that it has the right to break federal law, then I will be following suit. They will have to take me to court to collect my taxes.

    That way lies anarchy.

  • Legal Beagle

    Great web site….What most of Americans are failing to realize is federal Laws dont apply to every one….there is a Lawful difference between American Citizen,and U.s. citizen…which are you? Better yet I have an idea…Before you agree or do anything the so called federal Govt wants ask to see their Authority in writing first…Remember The federal Government operates on theft and deception.

    p.s.this is a sample for any one to follow…

    Freedom of Information Act request.

    Your State dept and Federal Dept of State.

    Please send me a verified copy of the Statute and implementing federal regulation along with the date and page number of its listing in the federal Register which would make this law applicable to the general public at Large which requires that I comply with the real I.D. Act.

    futhermore I would like a verified copy of the Statute and Federal Regulation which makes All Americans subject to said Law.

    hold your breath on a response….. remember we are only defeated by our own ignorance of the Law…be it traffic law ,common law,Statutory law…by the way you can apply the Freedom of information Act to all Supposed Federal Laws.

    “study to show thyself approved.”

  • Louise

    Brad and others,
    where you are making a mistake is that you believe Real Id is to rid us of illegals..Wrong. Ask any police officer or patrolman who has picked up a truck load or to of illegals. The INS will not remove them. They tell local law enforcement to finger print and let them go! Then why track Americans if you already are unwilling to remove illegals? When cut all funding to local police and task forces to put the money into Homeland Security when they will not use this money to send them back to their own counties?
    They have tried to put this card in place since 1972- and to combine America, Canada, and Mexico as one country (SSP was signed by Bush) They want a federal background check for all emloyees in the US but still they will not remove illegals. Lets get smarter for a minute, give our local law enforcement the money and the resources to return them to Mexico and let INS and Homeland Security do without their next $8,000.00 party clown party.