An End To The Online Gambling Ban ?

Last year, Congress passed a law that effectively made it illegal for American citizens to gamble online even if the servers running the gambling site were located in another country. Now it looks like there are moves in Congress to repeal the ban lead, unlikely as it might seem, by Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Rep. Barney Frank said on Thursday he will give details in the coming weeks on possible legislation to repeal a ban imposed last year on online gambling.

In an interview, the chairman of the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee said he is in no hurry and plans to consult with others on the matter.

“I’m not ready to give you more details, but I will be by next week or so. We’ll talk more about it later. There’s no urgency on it,” he said.

Internet gambling in the United States was effectively banned last October when President George W. Bush signed legislation outlawing gaming financial transactions.

A spokesman for the Massachusetts Democrat said on Wednesday Frank was considering legislation to repeal the ban but had not drafted a bill and had no timetable for action.

Not much to go on yet, but a good sign that this stupid law may be coming to a well-deserved end.

H/T: Radley Balko

  • GuyF

    That’s great news, but it might be too late for a lot of people. Last January, Neteller–the online bank most online gamblers use–froze transfers for all of its U.S. customers after the U.S. Attorney’s Office arrested their founders and confiscated $55 million of their funds. So, a lot of our money is in limbo right now, despite the fact that many of us did nothing illegal and only gambled online before the ban was passed, and there’s no guarantee that we’ll get any of it back.

  • You have rights

    Those scums at Neteller made a killin off us americans. I found this website that helped me get my money back. Check it out:

    Obviously I need to get help. But gettin my cash back was a good start. I hope those CEO’s go to jail.

  • Lori Murphy

    I think it’s great that someone is trying to get this stupid ban lifted. It’s our right to spend our money anyway we see fit. They never should have arrested the people at Neteller. Neteller are not scums. People like me who want to unwind after a long day should have the right to gamble online. We are not hurting anyone. Neteller was great. They will spend millions of dollars to send more men to a war that we shouldn’t even be fighting but they will ban online gambling. Were not hurting or killing anyone. Were just having some fun. BRING BACK ONLINE GAMBLING. IT’S OUR RIGHT.

  • APCW

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  • Robin Strickland

    What I dont understand is…how can bush tell us that we cant gamble with our money. that gambling is classified by 3 properties, consideration, chance, pize. When that is exactly what he is doing every day when he sends our american men and women to Iraq. He is gambling with something more valuable than money. he is gambling with lives. Our children suffer in education because they have to cut budgets, our children are being cut out of medical coverage through medicaid and peachcare. Why you ask. Because our stupid single minded president thinks its more important to rebuild a nation that he took the inititive to destroy using american dollars not a few dollars but billions of dollars. our economy is suffering our poeple are suffering. Why is bush doing this. as he said before, because he can. He should be empeached. There should never be another bush in office of any kind. Our goverment doesnt want us doing any kind of transactions with other nations but we out source all of our jobs and markets to other nations and countries. Please tell me what is the differnce. Our goverment is gambling with our futures everyday with choice and decisions that they make. its all about the all mighty dollar, if they cant get their share of it they want to make it illegal for a private citizen to do it. I say Empeach this man. he has ruined us as a strong county already it will take future presidents a great number of years to fix the damage this man has created. The only people that like this man are the rich because that is who he is looking out for. I would like bush to live in poverty for one year and be responsible for taking care of small children in this economy he has created for the poor man. Maybe then he could appreciate the working man for a change. Out of all the problems this country has Online gaming should be the last thing of consideration when making or passing a law.

  • Paul

    An End To The Online Gambling Ban ? yes,perhaps it is too late, but better that late nothing.
    I think that the U.S.A. must think before to one law for online gambling (one law of regulation). U.S.A. have done before only one law against the online gambling. This is only my thought.

  • Paul

    An End To The Online Gambling Ban ? yes,perhaps it is too late, but better is late that nothing.
    I think that the U.S.A. must think before to one law for online gambling (one law of regulation). U.S.A. have done before only one law against the online gambling. This is only my thought.
    Sorry for my english, I hope to be clear.