Commendation for a friend

My State Representative, Steve Davis, was the only legislator to vote against Georgia’s bloated budget:

We had the 2007 Amended budget that I was the stand alone vote against. I voted against the budget for the first time for numerous reasons but I will start with the fact that the amended budget increased by $700 million to $19.3 Billion just over the break. Furthermore, the 2008 Budget which we will probably vote on next week that will increase the budget by another $900 million to $20.2 billion. These amounts do not include the bond issues of another $1 billion of our taxpayer dollars!


I have written about the fall of the National Republicans because they lost their way. They forgot why people are voting Republican. They vote Republican because they believe in less government, less taxes, traditional family values, common sense and morals. I am getting a little worked up but I ran for office on the above mentioned positions and I meant it. As I have found that many other legislators did not. This is shame because I believe we could move this state in a direction if we just had the heart to do the right thing.

Herman Cain once said that Democrats are better at pretending to be Republicans during campaigns than Republicans are at actually being Republicans while ruling.

We better take a hard look in the mirror and do some soul searching or we will become the big government politicians that we have grown to loath.

Steve and I disagree on most social issues, but he has done a damn fine job voting his convictions on fiscal issues. He’ll likely be chastized for this vote, but I just don’t think that is right.