Romney cutting ties

Rocky Anderson, the mayor Salt Lake City, called for Bush’s impeachment recently. Anderson doesn’t hide his political beliefs, a quick look at his endorsements in the last election will tell you where he is on the political spectrum, specifically the endorsement from the Democratic Progressive Caucus.

Mitt Romney apparently has a friendship with Anderson, who endorsed Romney during his run for Governor in 2003:

“People often say I’m a Massachusetts-type Democrat. To me, that’s a compliment,” Anderson said in the spot, which ran in heavily Democratic Massachusetts. Anderson then urged viewers to “take it from this liberal Democrat: If you want an amazing leader, vote for Mitt Romney.”

In 2003, after he became governor, Romney returned the favor, making a television ad in support of Anderson’s campaign for a second mayoral term.

Romney now says his backing of the Anderson was limited to his dealings with him in putting on the Olympics and that he never endorsed Anderson’s social views.

I just find this funny. Romney is having so many problems trying to prove that he is “the conservative” in the race for the GOP Presidential nomination, but his past statements and actions constantly come back to haunt him.

Hotline has the video of Romney’s endorsement of Anderson.