Chavez To Disband Venezuelan Legislature

This can’t be good…

Venezuela May Eliminate Congress, Lawmaker Vivas Says

Venezuela may eliminate the National Assembly and transfer the powers of congress to community councils, congressman Dario Vivas said.

The councils, which the government began organizing this year, will replace some state institutions and shutting congress is “part of that debate,” said Vivas, who is president of the assembly’s committee on citizen participation, decentralization and regional development.

Vivas didn’t say when or how congress would be eliminated.

“We’re going toward a communal government, a communal parliament,” Vivas in an interview with Caracas-based Globovision television station today. “Those institutions that we consider to have completed their cycle will have to make way for decisions made by the communities.”

Viva La Revolucion!

I see the rule of law stands firm, as Chavez contemplates disbanding the legislature which has a check on his personal power, replacing them with community councils which I’m sure will be under his thumb.

We all see where this is going, it’s too bad that the Chavez apologists willfully ignore it.

  • Johnny

    The way I see it, the legislature is already filled with Chavez supporters. If the legislature is replaced with a communal parliament it will mean more power to the people!

  • Adam Selene

    In the immortal words of David Letterman …… “right”!