Robert Mugabe: Africa’s Hugo Chavez ?

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s dictator, must be watching CNN or something, because he’s starting to take plays right out of Hugo Chavez’s playbook. Call this one the “taunt the West” play:

HARARE, Zimbabwe (Reuters) — Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe vowed on Friday to survive any Western attempt to dislodge him from power.

Mugabe said Britain and the United States would never overcome the support he enjoys in his ruling ZANU-PF party, which led the former Rhodesia to black majority rule in 1980.

“Nothing frightens me, not even little fellows like Bush and Blair. I have seen it all, I don’t fear any suffering or a struggle of any kind,” Mugabe, 83, said to cheers from ZANU-PF supporters at a meeting in Harare.

“I make a stand and stand on principle here where I was born, here where I grew up, here where I fought and here where I shall die,” Mugabe said, accusing the West of sponsoring the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to overthrow his government.

Sounds an awful lot like our buddy down in Caracas doesn’t it ?

In other news, though, it looks like pressure on Mugabe is increasing and that the people of Zimbabwe are reaching the point of being fed up enough to do something:

One of Zimbabwe’s top Roman Catholic clerics, Archbishop Pius Ncube of Bulawayo, on Friday repeated his call for mass peaceful protests to end Mugabe’s 27-year rule.


Ncube, who has used his archbishop’s pulpit to become one of Mugabe’s most vocal and fearless domestic critics, on Friday said again he was ready to lead mass peaceful protests.

“This dictator must be brought down right now by the peoples’ power but not in a violent manner. If we can get 30,000 people together Mugabe will just come down,” Ncube told a news conference. “I would put myself on the line.”

Your eminenence, you just might have to.

  • Brad Warbiany

    I think you’ve got it backwards… Hugo is South America’s Robert Mugabe. The only difference is that Hugo hasn’t been around as long as Mugabe, and Hugo has oil.

    But you’re entirely right, it seems like the people of Zimbabwe, and their international neighbors, have had enough of Mugabe. I’ve been keeping an eye on this since the beating of Tsvangirai, the opposition leader. It seems like that set off a firestorm in southern Africa. I think Mugabe is done for.

  • John

    This is ridiculous! An absolute joke! Mugabe is nothing like Chavez at all. Chavez is extremely popular within his country as well as throughout almost all of South America, Mugabe has virtually no support from anyone, even South Africa is edging away. Chavez is doing great things for his country, the only problem is that he won’t cow tow to the United States. I’m sorry, but that’s not a moral sin, and the US doesn’t have a god given right to manage the affairs of South America.

  • Brad Warbiany


    Mugabe was incredibly popular up until 2000 or so. When the popularity slipped, he started to engage in the policies which led to the Zimbabwe of today.

    Chavez is still in the early stages. Give him time, and he’ll be just as bad.

  • juan baug

    Hugo Chavez is viscious and a PIG of all men. He is so ugly and repulsive. Mugabe is better
    though both are viscious criminal pretend to love people
    if the World is to be saved, it will be America who have to do it.

  • Abel Cavada

    Viva Chavez! He’s a hero to his people and to other in Latin America, and yes, even in the U.S. who are acutely aware of US government abuses and intervention in other countries. He believe in oil for the people, not for elites and US companies. There is no comparison between Mugabe and Chavez. Your frame is skewed.

  • Adam Selene

    Well Abel, move to Venezuela then. Maybe you should too John.

  • FuckingGringos

    Well well well. It seems that Mr. Mataconis is again at his smear campaign against comrade hero Hugo Chavez!

    But then again, nothing is wrong with Comrade Robert Mugabe either. Whites and white Western nations hate him, as he took back the land for the indigenous black people from the handful or racist white farmers.

    as a person, who lived many years in southern africa, I can tell for sure that what comrade mugabe did was the correct and right thing!

    fuck the west who hate him! they can go screw themselves. comrade mugabe took the land back from a bunch of nazi white farmers, who thought that could run roughshods over the indigenous black people of zimbabwe.

    although, comrade hero chavez is a very different type of president than robert mugabe, he is the greatest latin american president to come out of south america in a long time.’

    if you are a white nazi, then you will hate hugo chavez and mugabe. if you are a non-white person of black, indigenous, brown, or yellow ancestry you will love both of these great heros, freedom fighters, and heroes.

    screw the west! they can “go and hang”!! viva la revolucion!

    the days of white and western hegemony are numbered gringo!

    this is reconquista (aka – reconquest) time for
    the non-white peoples of the world. so gringo, prepare yourselves to be dominated and ruled.

    gringos and whites are not welcome anywhere, whether in africa, asia, latin america, pacific islands, and pretty soon in north america, australia, new zealand, siberia, and in about a hundred years in europe!

    viva the non-white peoples!

  • mike

    Last time I checked, the people that Mugabe had beaten were of African descent. To use your terms, they were “non-white.” The people that Mugabe won’t let leave the country, “non-white.”

    I really doubt that they are huge fans of Mugabe, considering he had his thugs beat them, leaving some permanently disabled, and then refuses to allow them to leave the country to seek medical treatment.

    But what do I know, I’m just a white nazi.

  • Adam Selene

    FG is either a complete satire or a very sad impersonation of a 1960’s third world communist.

  • FuckingGringos

    well well well. the likes of morgan tsvangirai are just one more example of the white houseslaves, who serves their white massah’s in zimbabwe.

    so do not give me shit that comrade mugabe’s forces beat up tsvingirai. he may be black, but he is a white man’s houseslave, or the stooge or lap dog of the whites.

    what the fuck do you think? you think that we are stupid??? haaaaa????!!!!^%$^%$

    don’t you think that we know that tsvingirai is a white man’s puppet in zimbabwe.

    long live comrade robert mugabe!!! viva la revolucion! prepare for your days of submission and prepare to be ruled by the non-whites!!!

  • Kevin

    Thanks again for the comedy FG, you’re funny. Keep up the good work.