Refuse to Serve? Protect Yourself!

Karolina Obrycka is a Chicago bartender. As a responsible bartender, she noticed that one of her patrons had a little too much to drink and refused to continue to serve him. This did not sit well with the customer 38 year-old Anthony Abbate who became increasingly belligerent to the point where he began attacking her. Surely the police who were present in the bar would come to her aid to protect her? Oh, did I mention that the man attacking her was an off duty police officer?

Here’s the video:

As it turned out, Anthony Abbate was not the only police officer in the bar that night; surely they would come to the woman’s aid? Investigators are now trying to determine if several other police officers threatened the bartender with false charges to keep her quiet. If this is true then these officers should all be hauled off to jail along with this Neanderthal.

This is not the first time Officer Anthony Abbate has been on the wrong side of the law. Back in 1992 he was arrested for drunk driving. The charges were dropped.

It seems to me that we should hold our men and women in blue to a higher standard instead of giving them a license to break the law. Whatever the penalty is for assault and battery (or any other crime) for a civilian should be doubled for anyone in law enforcement. This is truly disgraceful.

  • devin

    it is a “fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen.”

    Warren v. District of Columbia

  • Barbara

    Just looking this morning to see if any further news had been published about this travesty and see that this cop’s BROTHER, Terry, sucker punched a Washington DC officer while he was visiting Chicago recently. When the incident was reported to the Chicago Police, they blew it off. Seems like this whole fiamily has issues and the Chicago police dept needs to check themselves.
    see article:,CST-NWS-beat05.article