Mugabe Desperately Tries To Avoid Just Desserts

Zimbabwe detains opposition chief ahead of summit

Police surrounded the main Zimbabwean opposition party headquarters and briefly detained its leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Wednesday as African leaders met in Tanzania to debate Zimbabwe’s escalating political crisis.

Police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena said officers arrested 10 MDC officials on suspicion of links to recent petrol bombings, bringing the number since Tuesday held on these charges to 35.

Government sources said more arrests were likely in the coming days, including of opposition figures and journalists authorities accuse of trying to incite a coup against Mugabe.

One said: “Some people have just gone too far, talking and writing recklessly and they are going to be held to account.”

“The terrorist acts we are seeing are how civil wars start in any part of the world and this is how a country descends into anarchy,” Bvudzijena said.

Anarchy would be an improvement, buddy.